Barker: Rogers mistreatment of Argos "unconscionable"

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Barker speaking to Jays playoff run when #Argos shut out of Rogers Centre despite more than enough time to prep field after Jays games. #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
#Argos JIm Barker: "The things that happened with the stadium last year was just unconscionable." #CFL via @TSN1050Radio

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There are a lot of #CFL ppl who will never forget that massive black eye inflicted upon them & #Argos that was absolutely unnecessary.[/b]

Good for him! This is why I root against the Jays.

Speaking of black eyes , I laughted my A$$ off today when egomaniac Batista got blasted by a fist to the jaw to-day by the Texas player. Loved it !

Me, too. Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

Great, let's start another "let's bash Rogers" thread! :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Rogers deserve every little bash they get.

at least Barker had the nads to publicly confront Rogers for their abuse tactics unlike the many "CFL people" who chose to remain silent.

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News BARKER: There are a lot of #CFL ppl who will never forget that massive black eye inflicted upon them & #Argos that was absolutely unnecessary.[/b]

Interesting but not surprising to hear of someone from the Argos going public with this. Very interesting.

At any rate, I will say Rogers is good when I've had problems with my services, they get someone out the same day or next day. I had a problem recently and spoke with the technician and asked him if he had worked with Mountain Cablevision or Shaw, Rogers predecessors here in Hamilton. He said not Mountain but Shaw and said he liked working for Shaw much better than Rogers. He specifically said Rogers doesn't care about them, the technicians, as respected technicians as Shaw did. But once these cable TV boxes stop working from Rogers, I'll probably then switch everything over to Bell if in fact I do keep cable and if not, then may look elsewhere for my Internet and land phone service.

The funny thing about Rogers though is that they sort of disrespected their bread and butter sports fans, the Jays fans, in not turning the infield into a real looking baseball infield as it is now with the dirt. Doing it earlier that is. They probably just used the Argos so they wouldn't have to put money into the field especially really looking at what Jays fans want, a full grass field which will cost plenty if it is or can be done. A bit of a slap in the face to their own main sports fanbase.

It's too bad Barker and more so Rudge didn't come out when this happened last year to lambaste those crooks at Rogers.

It was a tough position for the team in be in, it was really a byproduct of the telecommunication war between Rogers and Bell. Really, a no win situation for the team.

With the Jays playoff run and virtually the whole country on the bandwagon, the Argos speaking up would have looked like the whiners in the main stream media as wrong as that sounds. Taking the high road the best response.

What I would have liked to see what the league and at least the incoming management, reassure fans that better days were ahead of them. It surely wasn't going to happen with the current regime

Wondering ArgoT if the timing might have been not so good at the time with Rogers potentially at that time still able to mess around with the BMO Field situation for the Argos which could have ended up with no place to call home for the Argos. I don't know. Sometimes you just have to bite your lip for a while in these sorts of circumstances, unfortunately.

By the time the Jays late season push came and eventual playoff run came, the BMO deal was already done so there was nothing else Rogers could do on that front. The booting them around in the fall, was their parting shot.

Hope the Jays can turn their season around. Otherwise if things go south and FAs walk for nothing, the bloom can come of this rose pretty quick and they'll have to find ways to justify the jacked up ticket prices down the road...could be karma. 8)

Rogers a été une plaie pour la LCF depuis des années. Les efforts mis à tenter d'amener une équipe de la NFL à Toronto montrent de façon éloquente à quel point Rogers veut la fin du football canadien. C'est une bonne chose de voir les Argonauts quitter ce cratère sans âme qu'est le stade des Piaillards et évoluer dans un environnement d'affaires qui veux leur succès et non leur échec.

J'ai été abonné 3 ans aux services cellulaires de Rogers. À chaque mois, il y avait surfacturation et il fallait appeler et perdre une heure pour faire redresser le compte. Jamais pendant ces 3 ans ils n'ont respecté leur parole. Je ne sais pas quel mot on devrait accoler à cette attitude, mais Rogers, c'est ça.

Toronto is just such a weird sports City!
The infighting and inconsiderations between franchises is not really seen in any other Cities
This also carries over to the fans in Toronto
They say Toronto is a Hockey City first, this is far from true, it is a Leaf City.
Does anybody even know the Marlies are in the playoffs and have a game 7 tonight? Nobody cares, its not the Leafs
It is Leafs first, second and third in the City and whatever other team does that week will get a short following for a while and then become insignificant again.
The Jays and Raptors just seem to get in each others way.
Not intentional of course, but the Raptors had their biggest moment in their franchise history last night and today it is the #2 sports story because Bautista got punched in the face. Weird, only in Toronto!
I am surprised the Leafs didn't make some minor announcement today to steal both the Jays and the Raptors headlines.
TFC and Argos fans have a horrible vile hatred for one another, each hoping the other fails miserably.
I truly believe Argofans hate TFC more than they hate the TiCats, now that is weird!

The despite the Marlies falling under the radar, the playoff games have been sold out. Both Saturday's game 6 and tonight's game are standing room only.

But yes, the big 3 (Leafs, Jays and Raptors) dominate the sports scene here. The later 2 more because they're both have had a recent/currently in a deep playoff run.

I do believe the animosity between TFC and Argo fans are the minority but the very vocal ones. I know many who have STs to both. Makes me wish the York Stadium plan was followed through, both teams would have started playing there at the same time and this sense of entitlement would be very non-existent.

Seriously if any one needs to be bashed it is Rogers!

Amen, brother.

Jim just likes to stand up for everyone BUT the CFL.

Ill still never forget when Rogers sponsored the western final in 2007 and the commercials were so loud they were ear piercing and i swear rogers did that to ruin fan experience because everyone complained when rogers commercials came on and of course not blaming rogers but that hokey non american football that we call canadian football me so dum lol

I don't disagree to some extent.
However, if the shoe was somehow and I know it's a stretch on the other foot, do you think Rogers and BJ management would take the high road?

Well, yeah, I think Toronto just needs to grow up a little and be adults, talking about the jealousy and what have you between the various sports entities in that city. It really is bizarre and weird in many respects, but unique as well compared with other cities in North America. Here you have 2 huge companies and with the Canadian gov't regulations and all of that. It's easier when you have, like most major cities, individuals owning teams. Not as messy.

What is so strange is that this Toronto focus in sports with the media is starting to turn me off of pro sports for some reason I can't put my finger on. And I don't like this feeling but it's definitely a feeling I'm getting in my gut to just dump cable because I know the biggest ticket items I'm paying for with my basic sports packages are Sportsnet and TSN. It's starting to gnaw inside of me in a bad way. I know you couldn't pay me enough to go to any pro sports event in Toronto except my one true love of pro sports, the CFL and in Toronto that is the Argos. They still have my heart, at least at this moment. Weird. :?