Barker reviewing East Division right now

Jim Barker reviewing East division

Jim's comments


Will team stick to the plan. Mitchell have patience?
Will Bellefeuille's offense work
Will Printer's buy into it and stay healthy
Receiving corp a big question mark
Can Printers and Bellefeuille mesh?


Questions how they can fit Thurmon,Richardson and Watkins.
Payton inconsistent and questionable
Oline should be better, points to Oline coach
Expects Als to be more Zone based on coaches hired
Expects Keeping to play Dline
Expects Cody to be played at his natural position DB
Chiu on his last leg, Flory getting up there, Calvillo can't take hits anymore, Brady not adequate. Can the Als get ride of the ball quickly? Cause attempting to block opponents will put them in trouble.


Who will run the ball? Ebell or Avery?
Can Boston replace Frank?
Can they move the ball?
Their Oline full of questions?
No questions mark ond Defense.


On the way up
Class of the East

I guess Jim's Winnipeg