Barker on the Fan 590 this morning.

I heard a bit of the Barker interview on the fan. I am really starting to like this hire, he seems to be able to admit mistakes in the past, including being out of shape himself. Hopefully he could turn this around. He said he is definitely not conservative anymore when it comes to play calling. Should be an exciting year in Argo land.

Itll definiely be interesting, cant wait to see what kind of tricks are up his sleeve, Go Arrrrgos! :rockin:

Argofan1990 change your sig. We don't suck, sure we were last in the league last season, but that was the first time we were last since 1981. We won five Grep Cups between that time. Hold your head up Be Proud!!

ugo: I actually like argofan1990's a humourous way, it is proud. The guy knows his team, our team, has been absolutely brutal for two years, but he still stands up and displays his double blue loyalty. Good on him, you, argotom, me and every other Argo fan who still stands by our team even though we sometimes look like we couldn't beat a team of 10 year old girls with sprained ankles.
I love the Argos, and so do we all. If we can't laugh and stay loyal when our team is blowing chunks, than we will become bitter.
Coach Barker.....welcome back. In spite of the last 2 seasons, I'm looking forward to 2010.

argofan4life, I am too am looking forward to 2010. I know argo1990 is very loyal, it's just saying we suck is very disrespectful to the loyal ti-cat fans that claim that they suck. I am just looking out for those people. I mean they have had only one winning season this century and haven't won a Grey Cup yet this century. or been in one for that matter. Sure they hosted a playoff last season, but I mean it takes a few season to shed the suck label doesn't it?

On another note felt that even though we only won three games last season, (two against Hamilton) they were so many chances to win others. Especially early in the season. Anyways Argo1990 keep it you like, but if Ti-cat fans can't claim they suck anymore, what do they have left. :wink:

ugo: In the world of Argos and Ti-Cats, nobody will ever try to interfere with the other's right to claim either their own team or the other team sucks. In fact, if there is anything Argo and Ti-cat fans will never fight about, it's that the opposite team sucks. Take heart, buddy. It's all part of being a die-hard southern Ontario football fan.

anyone have the link to that interview?

Here you go bud,

[url=] ... 82057_3324[/url]

Its adressing Hamilton fans who yell "Suck" after "Argos"

However I'll change it now that i think about it.