Barker on the Canadian QB Problem

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Barker is on to something. It only makes sense.
A simple tweak in the rules would go a long way in encouraging teams to give Non-Imports a shot if they have the ability.
I understand there isn't 8 QBs able to play in the CFL currently in CIS, but if there's 2-3 let's give them a shot. Let them develop on a pratice roster for a couple seasons and see if they can play.

I'm very impressed with how Barker has taken up the cause and is championing it. While the rule change he is suggesting isn't exactly what I would suggest, I'd take it as it is better than what is happening now.

ya well, that would mean that it would also have to start earlier too.

there'd have to be more serious work and training involved at High School levels to develop potential QB's. and then more training again if they make it to College ball.

I like what Barker is suggesting, each team should have to designate one roster spot to a Canadian QB. Also more needs to be done in the grass roots. The league needs to assist more at the junior level and a goal to reduce imports by 2020 should be in place. I would love to see a CFL that has an all Canadian roster.

that's a tough one to suggest because then you'd start to wonder if the CFL is using the best players out there or not.

the Riders are proving critics wrong with their receivers and the fact they're starting 10-11 canadian players out of a possible 24.

Of course Barker wants the rule changed. If every team had to carry a Canadian QB, there would be at least seven more quality American QBs available for him to choose over the stiffs he currently has. :lol:

Sorry, Jim, but just because you’re lousy at assessing QB talent doesn’t mean the rest of the league should help you out of your mistakes.

Why should Canadian player rules apply to every position except Quarterback?

Well, I'd like any rule that makes more Canadians play. At one time way way back it was a full Canadian content league although nowadays that wouldn't fly in a professional league.

What amazes me is that it's an AMERICAN coach who is advocating for Canadian players.

Where are our own coaches on this? Barker is right on this, at least in principle. But it would have been nice if our football players had a home-grown, very public, supporter along the lines of what Don Cherry does for Canadian hockey players.

I say why not at least try Barker's suggestion. I know I played QB in Canada, and when we went to play against the occasional US High School team, the level of development and complexity of the offenses (and defenses) was WAY different. When I was being talked to by an NCAA school, and I saw their playbook, it BLEW MY MIND!!! Maybe this idea could speed development and give some of our kids a real chance.

I see no pitfalls, nor room for scepticism in this idea of Barker's. That American fella is just being a good Canadian by suggesting that Canadian QBs be given a leg up in development. There's nothing wrong with that, even if it does mean it opens a roster spot for another import. His idea needs to be taken seriously, and sooner than later.

Is he a naturalized citizen?

Why does it matter? He's advocating for Canadians. That's more than some Canadians do.

HEAR HEAR :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Let's not overlook that Dunigan weighed on well on the matter in favour of Barker during the game too. :thup:

You really stole one up there from us for the announcing booth with Dunigan, as we still don't know whom you gave us in the trade for him because probably he or she just sucks that bad or is off-air for good after being cut from CBS or Fox. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now maybe we'll have to deal one of the dopes on ESPN for Duane Forde or Dave Randorf.

lol it doesn't I was just wondering. Im not hating on Americans or anything

I doubt the economics of the CFL would permit it, but a developmental league ala' the old NFL Europe would be very beneficial for the CFL to start. I'd let each of the 8 (to be 9) teams select a city that they would NOT have territorial rights to re: an actual CFL franchise, ( no point in making expansion even harder than it already is.) but that they WOULD be permitted to start and operate a D-League team in.

I'd model it after Class "A" minor league baseball or even independent Minor league ball. Smaller rosters, shorter schedule, very low subsistence wages only, (maybe also some help finding the players half decent jobs in the playing city, ala' the old Atlantic Coast Football League strategy) & age and experience limits like Indy or Rookie League ball. Age and Experience are limited because a player either shows something quickly and moves up or else moves on. You don't want "career minor leaguers". This is a D-League. Purpose would be to play mainly (or even entirely) Canadian talent. Every team to feature a Canadian QB or QB's and a preponderance of Canadian talent. Maybe you set a very small import limit if there is a need or desire for that. This league could be a development arena for Canadian coaching talent also.

Everytime the NFL has experimented with D-Leagues, from the 1960's working agreements with the ACFL and Continental Football Leagues, through the salvaging of talent from the old WFL of the 70's, the USFL, the XFL, and even recent signings from the new UFL; they have always found people that they didnt consider at all at one point, who proved they can play. The more recent Arena League and all the permutations of NFL Europe over the years from 1991 up until a few years ago all unearthed talent the NFL had originally written off. (Kurt Warner being an alumnus of both the AFL and NFL-E.)

There arent going be any top flight Canadian QB's until something is done to get them on some sort of pro field and let them play, amass "reps" (repetitions) and experience, be coached, taught and trained. For whatever reason, no more "Russ Jackson" caliber Canadian QB's have emerged on their own. Just an idea, food for thought.

I would like to see a mandatory Canadian qb spot outside of the salary cap. As well make the roster one more. That way the teams would not be luzing a roster spot for someone else or Money to go elsewhere. The wage would have to be within certain limits though... So one team couldn't steal the best qbs with a large paycheck. I think this would really encourage kids to stay with qb if thry knew they could be one of 8(soon to be more) pro canadian qbs.

Because Canadian QBs are a joke. It would be a pity slot for a quarterback who will be demonstrably inferior in every way to his American counterpart. This isn't a charity ward; until and unless Canadian colleges produce QBs who can actually be productive running a CFL offense, I don't even want this discussion to come up. With the league expanding to nine teams in 2013 and possibly 10 teams down the road, we should be looking at ways to reduce the NI ratio to make sure the Canadian starters on every team are quality, not Brock Ralphs.

This is a country of 35 million, not 350 million. We don't have the population base to produce as many quality Canadian football players as we might like in ideal circumstances. For better or for worse, hockey is the national sport.

I'd rather have 4-5 great Canadian players on each CFL team than 7-10 mediocre players because we have to fill out a needlessly high NI ratio.

I think the bulk of the problem comes from coaching and development. Americans start playing a lot younger, and have way more intense coaching. It takes a lot for Canadian kids to catch up.

But we have one advantage up here. An American coach once told me "We can teach you the technical stuff, but we can't coach crazy" :smiley: