Barker has Signed

Ken Welch Said Barker has signed
So has our 3rd pick the FB From Queens
Great news

They'll Sign the Contacts Tomorrow at Rookie Camp.

Good news, did they mention any details about length or anything else?

very very nice.

It's the CFL so i'm guessing it's 1 year plus an option which is considered a long term contract lol

hopefully 2 + 1 option

I would assume 2+1

I was about to write a topic on how disturbed I was that a 1st pick overall who garnered absolutely no interest from the NFL had the nerve to possibly hold out.

All is well in TigerTown.

^^^^ he has his right to hold out for more money.

must two plus an option because he could leave after one plus an option and obie doesnt want that, remember? he is trying to build a football team here! lets hope its 2 plus an option and I imagine thats what the delay was in the time it took to get it done, term length. 2+1 and obie won, 1+1 and obie caved.

Didn't we go over this last week in the CFL forum in regards to BC. Aren't teams obligated to offer a 1+1?

Not sure if they are obligated but its usually 1 and 1, 2 and 1 would be nice though or they can take off after one and we have seen that before.

Ken did't say the Terms
Hoping more Tonight at 11 pm

I was happy to hear Bauman signed a two year plus an option last year as a rookie,if I recall correct.

Nice! Bob Barker is on board!

I guess the price was right!


I'm hear all night, try the veal!

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Jason is that you?? :wink:

That was better than the "Dylan have your pets spayed or neutered Barker" that we heard at the kickoff bash.

They are obligated under the CBA to offer a 1+1 package along with whatever else they deem appropriate. That is at the root of the CFLPA`s current interview process re the Wake case to see if there has been a clear pattern of this aspect being violated by managements.

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