Barker-Great numbers in the game and at E Camp

Aside from his great college play, Dylan Barker also had great numbers at the E-Camp this year. A 4.54 fourty is extremely fast for the CFL E-camp. He came in second for vertical jump as well, with 37.5 inches. First in Broad Jump with 10 feet 5 and a half inches, and 4th in 20 yard shuttle 4.22 seconds. He had a bad showing for the bench presses with 11, but that is ok, he is a safety. This guy is one of the best prospects coming out in a while. We have no reason not to draft him, as he fits our position of need and is the best player available.

He was the 2nd Best Player During the Two Days
Samuel Giguere was had better #
He Maybe Has Beat Barker out for that 1st Spot.

If you’re a pure numbers guy he will.

But throw talent into the mix…and Barker is still your guy.

Shea Emry,Samuel Giguere, and Dylan Barker are the cream of the crop with Jason Araki and Terry Firr not far behind.I still don't think we need a safety,so my pick would be Giguere to complement Bauman.If Obie wants a linebacker,then Emry is the top pick from the camp.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

The Funny think is Justin King a CB/WR from Pen State
Ran a 4.31 at NFL Combine.
Next to Him Giguere is slow.
Limas Sweed of Texas is Considered a Slow WR by NFL Scouts
He Ran a 4.46 Faster Then anyone in the CFL Combine.

So non of CFL Guys are True Speed Demons.

I Love to see a guy in 4.3's that is fast guy.
a Guy who run a 4.9 is not He is Slow.

I was just over on TSN.

Mr Ford Thinks We should Trade the Pick .
But if They do Keep it
He thinks Barker may be the Pick.

You can compare 40 times of the NCAA athletes. THey have too much money invested in strength and conditioning programs. Not to mention the performance institutes that these guys go to as soon as they declare. Some of these guys spend an entire winter training for the 40.

Guys lets not get to caught up in numbers. Samuel Giguere was the best at the e camp, but do not forget Dylan Barker had a decent showing to, was the best college player, and fits our position of need. Do not forget we probably have the best raw Canadian receiver in the league in Chris Bauman.

You haven’t read any of the info about testing methods and factors like surface run on i guess?; CFL Combine method uses a gun start as opposed to a laser start at the NFL Camp - MAYBE meaning the CFL method has reaction start time as a factor - meaning .1 or more slower times. Not sure if this is totally correct or “the truth” and sorry to burst your bubble that CIS/Canadian players are so slow and inferior compared to all-american super-heroes. Tim StPiere’s bench number was better than any LB at the NFL Combine and Brady Browne’s bench was equal to any DB at the NFL testing and the NFL has way more players tested than the CFL camp - pretty hard to fudge those numbers maybe but I also read that the CFL testing has stricter standards for the bench (to do with speed or rest between reps?).

After seeing the newest TicatsTV clip (profile of Dylan Barker), in which Obie and Taaffe comment on Barker's abilities, I would be shocked if the Cats didn't select Barker #1 overall in the draft. Taafe and Obie love this kid.

The only thing that will derail that now is if another team presents Obie with a "too good to be true" trade package (ex. swap first round picks, plus the Ticats get a starter).

I also found it interesting that Taaffe thought that Barker could eventually possibly be converted into a Ray Mariuz style linebacker, due to his size.

I always worry about #1 picks. When they go #1, don't you think their sights are on the NFL?
Whether it is Barker, or Giguerre (or anyone else) - I expect the NFL scouts to come knocking.
Why isn't anyone worried about that?
I would rather take a #1 first overall, and trade him for 2 very high prospects in the draft. This way, we feel better that they will stay here..
Just my thoughts....
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

a CIS player has no chance in heck of making the NFL, no matter how good he is or how high he gets drafted. The closest was Jesse Lumsden.

There are 3 CIS guys currently in the NFL.

At least 4 last year - Idonije, Jon Ryan, JP Darche, Federkeil

Your right TCanuck, I forgot about Jon Ryan.

I don't think Barker will get a NFL tryout but I think Samuel Giguere will.

i don't believe either will. White, Canadian receivers that run 4.4 fourties don't get many NFL tryouts, especially when they played in the CIS.

Sylvian Girard did. Didn’t make it though. Played in a couple of exibition games I remember.

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I think Samuel Giguere will get a tryout, but don’t think he will make it. Hope he proves me wrong, and makes it, though.