Barker expected to start tommorrow

Check out the nice article and great picture of Barker wrapping up and driving through on an Alouette. Textbook!

I'm glad he's getting his chance. It's too bad that Sandy is hurt - believe it or not, I think he DOES bring a veteran presence to the backfield. His play the past few games has picked up, and I think he has been able to "read" the opposing QB better, in order to better position himself.

Barker simply brings more speed to the position. Coach Gibson seems to have been rather hard and demanding on Barker, methinks that means Gibson thinks highly of him.

Good luck Dylan, I want to see some MONSTER, snot-dislodging, fumble-causing, receiver-cringing hits out there!

With Barker being the starting FS I'm sure he will get reduced special teams reps. Looks like Beswick is finally back in the lineup again so he can help fill the void on ST.

Gibson is the offensive coordinator and wouldn't do any coaching with Barker. Marshall, Miller and Hagins are guys that would coach him.

My bad - I meant Marshall.


Sandy Played Special Teams
so I don't see Barker getting less Time on Special Teams

all I can say is Dillon Good Lucky Kick ass Tomorow.