Barker blasts Millington

I can atest to that. Dad is very quick with that motorized walker he has. Now if he can stay of the cheap booze he will get it down to a stroll. Regardless I have no idea how anybody can tell how injured a player is by watching , walk, jog or sprint. The fact is we can expect these baffoons to make stupid statments. The only guy that would know if he had discomfort would be the player himself.

Well first off the guy is an ex player himself to me he should know better. But the fact is that why even question it. The guy pulled himself out many players do that. It is no big deal but I really think Millington should give this gig up and take on the big roll as a Walmart greeter. There he can judge people as they come throught the door. What you think? I think he would be perfect.

Millington should do his homework, this little tidbit from Smith's career:

Dec. 16, 2001: Makes only start of season, leading offense on opening 20-play, 81-yard touchdown drive; tears left hamstring early in second quarter, which requires season-ending surgery.

It seems to me you are the one with his panties in a bunch. Yes, Millington is entitled to his opinion, and we are entitled to disagree with that view, it is why this forum is here, to debate and discuss issues. Do you not get the idea of what a fan forum is?

You are entitled to disagree but whats with all the "he should know better"? Know better how? Because he played and questioned someone's toughness and thats a big deal? Did groin pull guy get his feelers hurt too or is this a touchy feely sort of forums? Dont try and deflect my comments with a weak attempt to turn it on me. My panties are fine! :smiley: and my opinion and my side of the debate is that its not a big deal if Millington speaks his mind. He wasnt hating on someone. Also, whats with the mindless crack about forums at the end? Like that has anything to do with anything. I think someone is sensitive to the whole panty blast so they question my basic knowledge of forum uses. Give me a break...honk honk goes the red nose

...I guess the burr under this particular saddle is that Millington is afforded the position to provide his opinion without having to defend it immediately...he tries later to do so (with much stumbling) but it just doesn't sit right that he can opine away to his hearts content on national TV with no one to rebut's not a big deal by any means and I'm sure Akili said 'Sean who?' when told about the my opinion, and yes WLZ I'm exercising my right to voice one too, it's not a gentlemanly thing to do, to question another person's salt-worth without the questioned party being present to challenge the the arena of gentlemen, Millington loses respect....

PS, calling fellow posters 'turds' is not conducive to gaining friends and influencing others....

Exactly...I'd like to see Sean at least man up and explain his position to Akili.

Think it will happen? NO way!

I think what Millington wanted to say was Suck it up Buttercup and get back in the game! It did not matter anyway as they knew that they were going to lose this game so why risk losing your starting QB. As he will be until Hank returns

Your right.
The guy is clearly a wussy and should have gotten back out there.
We wouldn't want Akili to get a reputation as a pansy like Dave Dickenson or Buck Pierce, now would we?

Actually Arius, that's your reputation. Dave Dickenson and Buck Pierce have reputations as Grey Cup Champions. I can't say the same about Kerry Joseph.

IT is all Troy Westwood's fault!!

Okay okay, let's not turn this into another Forum about the Lions and their superiority of everything on everybody in the league.

AND . . . I have to, for once, Agree with Turkeybend. This is all Troy Westwood's fault. (just joking)

Okay. Seriously now.

I think that there is way too much crying going on off-field. It may be the same in previous years but it seems like more this year.

Coaches and owners and GMs alike are having these whiny fits to the media, about the media, about other teams and/or about dirty play. Almost every club is guilty. I am not going to name names because that is IRRELEVANT and will get us nowhere.

I say s u c k it up to the complainers; all of them. Quit whining, quit appealing, and focus on what is important; football. I mean, seriously, to cry because Sean Millington said something is ridiculous (IMO)!

On a side note, remember when Millington attempted a comeback with the Argos? Didn't he leave the game after one play with cramps in his legs?!? I could hear the commentators holding back laughter when they were watching him on the bench trying to stretch his legs out.

As usual, RLR, you have no comprehension as to the meaning of my post, so why do you bother replying to it?
Let's see if Wut understands.....

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But they are wusses!~} :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: Good chance of that!

Obviously your motor isn't getting circurlation to your brain... I think Millington has watched Don Cherry and decided that anything he says is worthwhile. I'm tired of his stuff and controversy is not journalism.

You are whining about people whining about Millington's comments... not only do you have your panties in a knot, you are being a hypocrite to boot.. Millington is entitled to his opinion, just as much as people are entitled to disagree, its is why this forum is here , so people can express that they disagree with the comments.. so the only useless post, as usual , is yours. If you look , I wasnt the one who is disagreeing with what Millington said so your point about sensitivity to the panty blast is something that you read into it.. wrong, but then I expect that from a troll like yourself. Don't let facts get in the way of a good argument , WLZ.(weasel??)

Ah Sambo making friends again I see. Your absolutely right.

Good Observation Turkey! :lol: :lol: :lol: