Barker aims to make T.O. a CFL kind of town

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Nice little article in the Sun about Jim Barker's efforts with the double blue. I really like this guy and I hope everything works out for him and the Argos. The author is dubious of course, being a Toronto reporter and all, but you have to admire Barker's moxie.

I don't know how good of an Xs and Os guy Barker is, but that whole team is definitely buying what he's selling.
He's a really interesting guy. In another interview, he said that he considers himself an American by birth, Canadian by choice. He really does love the CFL and Canada. I think he's the perfect guy for the Toronto market. He's very charismatic.

rpaege, you're also 100% right about Steve Simmons...

No question Barker is an interesting guy from this article and the clips I've seen of him, seems like a real motivator.

I like Jim Barker, first met him in Calgary when the family was vacationing and we stopped off at the Stamps practice. He came over to us and struck up a 30 minute conversation, asking about us and he was truly humble, a very nice guy.
I thought he got a raw deal the first time around with the Argos.

I didn't relate to Barker but since he went on his little trip to New Zealand or wherever it was, he's come back a different person and I think the best is yet to come for Barker and the Argos. He and Braley are probably the most important people in the CFL right now in regards to its future. He's become an inspiration and "real" he is a great example of how someone can grow in adversity if they take the time and commit to being better and that is why I think players relate to him. He has a great book to write and I hope he takes up that challenge one day. I'd love to get the whole picture.

Barker is a great guy, I remember him head coaching the Stamps back in the dark age of ownership, he was amazing a big fan of him. I was very disappointed to see him fired, even after his dismissal he worked hard to be involved with the Calgary Junior Football scene in the community, and did alot of good. It says alot how impressionable he is to be hired back in a management position with the team when the Stamps got real ownership.

I was sad to see him go to the Argos, but its the best place for him, if he can turn TO into a semi CFL town thats a big achievement

Barker has always been great. I have always admired him since he coached the Argos post Flutie. His teams always played with so much guts. That's a testament to him.

He may very well be the right person at the right time for that town. They need an "in your face" kind of passion to challenge the lacklustre "sports town" that is TO. Go shake that tree, Jim!

"Make T.O. a CFL kind of town"- to Mr Barker I say good luck with that.

Better that than the coach of the Argonauts saying "oh, we'll never get more than a few thousand into the stands anyways so why bother?"

Make T.O's mayor a Argo_not assistant coach,!!!

you know, i was suprised to see him leave to toronto... reason being, he had a great position in Calgary. i thin khe was the director of player personal. thats good position. in the Stamps organization, im pretty sure your above the GM. He had a work horse like the huff under him, great owners above him, scouts he can trust(something we could still work on). i guess sometimes when you make it that far up, you feel like you might be disconected from the field a little maybe? i remember hearing his first interview on the fan960 after he got his job in toronto and then fired all the qbs... he had a real bounce in his step, a new energy. its liek he recharged in Toronto.