Would Auggie make a decent Outside linebacker?

I would like to see both Brooks and Auggie on the feild at the same time! They were going to try him at outside if we couuld have sighned Barren Simpson, so why not try him at outside! :slight_smile:

Auggie is versatile, he should be on starting and on the field either in the middle or on the outside

Auggie's slow as molasses, there's no way he can cover anyone in this league, not even a 300 pound lineman who comes in on the big formation to play tight end.

Auggie is probably our 2nd or 3rd fastest linebacker, Cox being our first, and I would say Mariuz being our second.


He also should not be expected to cover speedsters like Cahoon... it's too much for any linebacker. I doubt even Cox could do it.

At least show him the respect of spelling his name correctly(Barrenechea) and do we really need another poll about linebackers?
I mean ... come on.
Enough with the polls.

Barreneche is a straight up bum! TSN makes him all out to be something special but the guy sucks in my opinion, He sucks at ILB! He sucks at OLB! He sucks wherever!

why does s ucks get filtered out? lol

Lurk more, you'll find out.

probly because of argos ****

Hey Pokeys,

Your a bum for even writting something so rude. Auggie is not a bum, in fact hes pretty damn smart and accomplished. What gives you the right to that comment?I believe the people at TSN know what they are talking about thats why they have that job, not you. Haters make me sick

glad to see that there are truly some wankers out there the use this site.
Drexl + Pokeys = wankers

learn about the game before you come bash on site, and try sticking your head up your a$$, see if it fits!

You gotta appreciate Canadian talent when you got it - Hami. could be stacked w/ CDN LB's, w/ Hitchcock, Auggie and Mariuz filling all the voids.

Get in the game.

why cant he be a β€œhater” to barenichia? people are alaways hatein yeast and borham.

and ya pokeys im luvin ya pic at the bottem lol :lol:

I dont think there SHOULD be haters on the site. Intelligent, backed up with facts opinions are cool. Ignorant, factless opinions are like a**holes.... they stink

I know Barrenche had close to 100 tackles last season and all but ILB's tend to have alot of tackles. Last season he looked out of place often when he was in coverage and from time to time against the run. Whoopty freaking doo he is canadian talent that doesnt mean he is good. We all have our opinions and Im entitled to mine so I let it be known what I think of him. I love the fact that you guys are bashing me and taking personal shots at me just because I think the guy is overrated and a bum.

The reason they have their Jobs on TSN and not me is because they all played in the CFL and were stars as oppose to me who never played in the CFL or never took broadcasting classes at U of M.

yes... you said it they have played and know a hell of a lot more than you. You are entitled to yours, but like I said opinions are like a**holes...
and not all ILB's have as many tackles as he did. His stats do prove his worth Whats overated is your tactless opinion :thdn:

I guess you like your information handfed on a spoon to you. I stated my reasons and thats that. Go dig up some game tape from last year and watch him get exposed.

the only thing thats exposed is your bad argument

man i dont know how u like Barrenechea so much he hassny done anything great. we need to shuffel things up so putting brooks in is a great idea

you wouldnt know a good linebacker even if john madden told you, you ever play professional football, let alone start and place in the top 3 for tackles,and because your team doesnt do well in playoffs, no one gets recognized. hmmmmm, i think you should try sticking your head up your a$$ and see if it fits