Bar Fights - Stories?

Well who does not love a good old-fashioned bar fight? Anybody have stories? Somehow I avoided them in my youth despite a lot of activity in bars and clubs. Angels maybe? The offseason drags on ...

They are best in the movies or on TV compared to the reality of course, for what you get out of it at best litigation even if you win. And then of course there is soreness or injury.

I'm well old enough now to know better than to even get close to this kind of situation though last summer on my job was well close to a few such situations. And no it was not work in a bar, which is dangerous enough. Mercifully no blows were exchanged just a lot of hot air directed at me or others working with me. I happened to have been on break when a fight did break out with some colleagues, and of course I would have helped.

Well this tale from two weeks ago has made its rounds. Judge for yourself. The football players no doubt had it coming and had done this before.

Notice also the weight difference but the football players still got their butts kicked, and for the critics out there on the side of the bullies, the football players, yes the guys they provoked sure did show restraint because without it and their superior skills, this ends in permanent disability or death.

Skills beat physical advantages almost every time.

An elbow or knee to the face or body is also more effective than a typical punch when somebody without skills lets you get that close or tries to close the distance with you, and there you have it the first strike.

And I tried to find a clip without an ad at the beginning, but this is the best I could do plus it has subtitles.

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Me, thats who

I be the who whom you are referring too

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Man, I use to bounce when i was going to college. Broke up a lot of fights. It was tough because we(the guys, around four of is) had to be on alert. The bar I use to work was the only place for miles. So we'd get a lot people, kids, workers.

We had to watch out for guys grabbing bottles, glasses, knives, ashtrays, anything to get an advantage. Separate the fighters, don't let then take a swing at you. Bum rush them out the door and call the cops. You get punched, but never hurt because most guys don't how to throw a punch

One time my younger brother got hired, the first night in, a musclehead was drinking looking for a fight. Everybody was scared of his muscles. He challenged my brother because he was new. My brother was roly-poly with baby fat. I saw what was happening, I thought I had to take him out. The musclehead suckered my brother before I got there. My brother took a wicked shot, but he didn't go down. That made my brother mad. My brother gave him an elbow to the side of his head and a punch to the gut, kneed him to face, broke the guy's nose. It was funny to see a big guy with biceps and traps getting beatdown by a guy with love handles for abs. Me and another guy grabbed the guy by his hair and pants belt and pushed him out the door. We called the cops. Ol' Arnie told the cops we beat him up, but my boss had security cameras and showed the cops he started the fight with my brother.

The girls are the worst. Trying to break up a chick fight, is that they will scratch, claw, grab you by the balls and you have to be careful that their boyfriends, husbands don't get involved. If they both get in on the action, out the door they go.

One time these two girls wanted to fight over something that happened in high school. I dreaded breaking those girl fights. The one girl challenged the other to fight. The other girl "Don't touch me. I'm pregnant". The one girl said, "What? Again!", The whole bar started laughing. That comment stopped the fight right in it's track. Everybody went back to drinking.

Aw, the good days.

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I never met a bar I wanted to fight

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Ah but perhaps a bar wanted to fight you now!? You best put up those dukes just in case!

What a great story Dave, and apparently you did not even know your brother had skills!

It's so telling too how some of the bigger tough guys seek out all too often only the guys who appear to be the easier marks. This tells me much about that "tough guy" with the muscles who is another one of those types who looks like Arnold yet fights like Jane. You simply don't always know by appearance, but when they mark a guy who looked like your brother that should tell you much.

But then it got better because the so-called "tough guy" thought he was the smarter without knowing his opponent. Your brother was too easy on him, but hey I get it, getting them out the door is the job and objective not like in an alley.

And then came the typical "they bullied me" rant from the usual bully that such trash usually is at the core anyway. The police had to laugh once they saw the footage.

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It's slow, so we could use another fight story or bar fight story.

Any hockey players out there? night six of my buddies and I were in downtown Vancouver moving from one bar to another...we were under age (17-18) but we knew a few bars downtown that didn’t check for ID... we walked down the street coming towards us was another group of guys about our size and we neared each other a guy from the other group aggressively called us out, something like ‘hey ya pussies’ or something, and my friend Brian, already pretty inebriated and always ready for a fight, points this guy out and basically tells him to prepare to bleed...

...short version, some words were exchanged, adrenaline began to rise, the two groups spread out and a smaller group intent on exchanging blows took centre stage while those of us who took a sense of pride in the dental work our parents had paid for hung back a bit to see what would transpire...

...the guy in front of me didn’t seem keen on fighting either so we began talking, turns out he was from West Van (as his group was) and played HS football at Sentinel, I told him I played ball for Windsor, we discovered we probably played against each buddy Andy (our QB) remembered this guy, and the West Van guy he was paired up with says he played ball too, so us four and a couple other guys not in the centre scrum sort of stand off to the side commiserating about our dreadful seasons (Carson Graham and WestVanHigh were powerhouse schools at that time in the north shore system)...

...the boys in the middle start swinging and as punches are exchanged us peaceniks over to the side start pointing out who’s who, and quickly we realize that the guys in the middle fighting all played hockey from a young age, while those of us acting as play-by-play analysts were football and volleyball players... the fight died down we picked up our respective fallen and continued down the street, exchanging pleasantries as we departed... the moral of the story is put your kid in football, not hockey, and he’ll stay out of street fights, maybe...

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My story as a bouncer ended up in a book about Bouncer stories. It’s still available online LoL.

Btw Red&White considering you guys were from the North Shore And all of your teams combined stunk, maybe he had a point bout y’all being “pussies.”
(Only joking of course , but the EASTVAN kid in me demanded I say that).

Wow. With all this tough talk lately, I reckon with this bunch here in a bar there would be two of us getting into some fight, taking it out to the parking lot, no hits below the belt or eye-gouging, but then a referee would step in and break it up and back we go inside for a few more rounds of drinks.

As only a casual hockey fan, I heard years ago that it is customary for many hockey players to meet with that night's fighting opponent for a beer after the game too.

Maybe a former or current hockey player can weigh in here too.

...we played a friendly once against Van-Tech and I’m pretty sure I saw a shiv tucked into one of their OL’s sock...we were pummelled of course, but we washed our sorrows away in our expensive sports cars next to our beautiful blonde north shore girlfriends...the DEEPCOVE kid in me made me say that...:hugs:

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oh. you are one of them

Says a lot :slight_smile:

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LoL dead on accurate (on both accounts) LoL

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Interesting alleged late night bar fight by Aaron Donald in Pittsburgh over the weekend here - I smell money grab by this loser at the same club very late at night.

Yeah right, "totally unprovoked" victim here but 911 and the police were not called, yeah, sure :roll_eyes:

The photos of the damage are in the story.

I bet you this loser is also what we call an "Ida" as in the term Deion Sanders mentioned in his book many years ago, as in that guy in just about every town who used to play football in high school who will tell everybody "Ida been a starter in the NFL and ..." - whatever.