Any news on if Banks will be playing today


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1m1 minute ago
Word out of @ticats locker room … @speedybanks87 not playing today versus @calstampeders #ticats. So no Banks, no Saunders, no Williams. #CFL

They’re down 3 top receivers. No excuses. Play like a champion

Crap… I was all pumped for this game but Speedy B not going puts a serious dent in my hopes… Miracle Time in the Hammer…

Look, Banks is too important to this Offence, especially with Saunders already out for the season!

Most important thing is to get Speedy 100% healthy.

Well that SUCKS !!! :frowning:

Agreed. Would be nice to have all our weapons for this game, but the remaining games against Ottawa, and the playoffs, are more important.

I wonder if this means Thomas-Erlington will now play at SB, in Banks’ spot?

This game is important too. This team needs to establish their hold on the division and keep the winning streak going against the best team in the league. It sucks that Speedy is not playing but I wish him well and to be ready next game. A healthy dose of Green and Tasker and more, much more Toliver. TT has not had a big game as of yet. They need to use that big body on corner routes in the end zone. Screens to Green. Lets get it!

There will certainly be a lot of new looks for our REC corps that the Stamps won’t have on film.
Thomas - Erlington, R. Lawrence, Faubert - Lussier

Look for Mike Jones to move to slot

This will be used as an excuse. Please don’t use this as an excuse

Mike Jones time to shine!

They missed him tonight for sure, had he been in there, made a couple of catches it might have been enough to swing what was a sloppy/odd game.

Because good defenses havnt shut Banks and the rest of the offense down before ?
It's not a bug with this team. Its a feature.