Sat behind ticat bench and watched banks demeanor after each time he come off the feild... pouting n slump on the bench away from his team. When he's on he's great when he's off he's a baby. Time to put the big boy pants on speedy communicate and no team has the letter I in it if u can't accept then there's the door

I suspect that this is his last year with us. His welcome is wearing out. :thdn:

I agree teams have figured him out n to small to be a receiver

The whole team plus speedy stunk, the coaches stunk. this team is scary bad. :thdn:

It's one game mayb that's the lost game toronto looks good

Lol, awesome! This forum needs a "like this post" feature.

And as a friend of mine says - there maybe no "I" in team, but there may sometimes be a "me".