How do you guys feel about the Kingsbury for Banks trade the Als just made?

All's I gotta say is, Popp had better know what he's doing, because on paper this is a terrible trade for us. You take the only backup QB who's looked for us in training camp and preseason and ship him out for a guy who hasn't played even decent football since before the Renegades folded. Bad move.

Something tells me Bellefeuille is behind this trade. B coached Nealon Greene in Saskatchewan and he may favour mobile quarterbacks over pocket-passers like Kingsbury.

I just reviewed comments from Winnipeg fans on TSN and all noted they were glad to be rid of Banks. I was dissapointed with the trade as Kingsbury was effective in Texas Tech with a run and shoot offense. Not only was he effective setting school records for his passing but he could also run. We traded a potential QB for a failed player both in Ottawa and Winnipeg. Marcus Brady is not the answer at backup QB. He was ineffective in both Toronto and Hamilton. We may just hope that Calvillo is healthy in 07. Also, Banks drew a high salary in Winnipeg and this trade gave the team greater potential under the salary cap. Does he bring this salary to Montreal?

I haven't seen the players play enough to make an educated judgement. Now how do you feel JB? Come on man put them on the table :smiley:

In Popp we trust!

At first glance, it looks like a bad trade for the Als. Kingsbury showed some nice things and Banks has so far struggled in his CFL career. Banks was also hated in Winnipeg.

But, this situation reminds me of another QB that Popp acquired 10 years ago. He acquired a guy from Hamilton, who up to that point, had had a very poor CFL career. The guy was despised in Hamilton and everyone beleived he would NEVER be succesful (much like Banks today). Of course, that guy is Calvillo, and he turned out pretty good.

My point is, Popp saw something in Calvillo when everybody thought he was useless. And Popp was right! Maybe, Popp sees the same thing in Banks.

I think that with Popp's track record, we should wait and see on this one.

A valid point, certainly.

But, on the other side of the coin, Popp has also signed a slew of QBs who turned out to be totally useless; Nealon Greene, Tavares Bolden, Ted White.......

I have zero trust in Bellefeuille. The offense he designed in Regina stunk.

I'll reserve judgment for the moment until we see what our offence actually looks like this year.

Sure, he went with a run-first offence in Saskatchewan; but was that because he WANTED to or becaus he HAD to? After all, you play the hand you're dealt.

When he was there, they had two stellar runners in Corey Holmes and Kenton Keith. Their receiving corps, in those years, was mediocre at best (the notable exception being Dominguez) and a QB, Nealon Greene, who is not exactly known as a brilliant passer. With that lineup, any offensive coordinator would emphasise the run.

What'll he do here? I'll wait to see before dumping all over him.

I agree with Madjack on this one. While it's true that AC was a diamond in the ruff, the Als track record in aquiring decent backup / future QBs since then has been quite poor imho.

I still have hopes for Brady though. While it is true that he did not play great in the first exhibition game, he wasn't throwing to all the regulars and some of those balls were dropped.

I just hope Popp knows what he's doing.

I'm sure the GM will fire him if he blows it :roll:

Can't do it. I value my gig on the Alouettes' website too much...There are a few teeth marks in my tongue, though!

That is not necessarily a fair statement. AC has missed maybe 2 games since he took the starters spot. Not really much of a chance for anyone to show their stuff

Rick Moffet, the Als radio announcer said that Popp told him in an interview that the reason for the trade was that Proctor had clearly moved ahead of Kingsbury on the depth chart.

I just don't understand how you evaluate a guy with one quarter of vanilla offense in a pre-season game and then trade him to the boonies of Canada after he drove up at his expense to make your team, for a guy who turned you down a year ago. I like Popp's abilities but there is a bit of a god complex there that while not uncommon in this game. I find distasteful.

On another note this is the second game that McMahon is the best QB on bot sides of the field. Is Pinball going to give him the ball in week one?

And Proctor looked good today. Hes a big guy can thrown and has decent legs fits the mold of a cfl QB

He is not evaluated only on the 1st quarter that he played. He has been evaluated over the last 3 weeks of training camp. That has as much to so with making the team as the 2 preseason games.

As for him driving up at his own expence, no-one put a gun to his head!

Ah, you've parked your true opinions in order to become a corporate shill?

Just voicing those elsewhere instead of using company bandwidth...

fair enough!