Banks Traded to Montreal..

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The Montreal Alouettes have acquired quarterback Brad Banks from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in exchange for quarterback Kliff Kingsbury. Banks was battling Ryan Dinwiddie for the backup role in Winnipeg while Kingsbury was fighting with Marcus Brady and Will Proctor for the backup role in Montreal.

Banks vs Brady this should fun to watch. :twisted:

The QB's involved in this trade are both garbage.

These two teams are both in huge trouble if their #1 QB goes down.

Well Banks may not be able to throw the ball but look out when he takes off with the ball.

Both QBs come with awesome college football resumes.
A change in scenary may help both.

Well sackattack, based on his performances in the CFL in Ottawa and in Winnipeg, it is hard to challenge your assessment of Banks.

But I haven't seen Kingsbury play, upon what do your base your conclusion that he is "garbage"?

The silence is deafening.................

Wouldn't he have to be to be traded for Brad Banks.

Kingsbury was Buffalo Bills last Year.

Big deal, he was their 4th stringer for a season, this year that job goes to freakin Eakin. Also Pete Gonzalez was once employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as a q.b.