Banks to WPG for Poblah

I expect Poblah to have a rebirth. In typical Buono comments, when reacting to past negative comments about Poblah from Winnipeg, he said, " Sometimes the negativity is due to who's watching, not because of the player". He could not stand Mack and that braintrust.
You cannot have enough Canadian Receiver options imo. Banks drew less and less playing time and was basically a nickel back in BC and could not defend the run. That said he'll be a good addition in Winnipeg for a year or so.

Walters said part of the reason they wanted Banks was his influence in the locker room. They are trying to change the culture. Banks is still a good defensive back who can cover, BC tried to make him into an OLB. This is short term gain for Winnipeg while they find and groom new DB's for down the road. I can see Banks becoming a DB Coach in a few years. He's practically one now from what I have read.

I don't think Banks can be an effective every-down DB anymore. Either you play him at SAM or you're not getting your money's worth IMO.

Yes I read what Walters said. While he's no doubt on the mark I'm not sure its wise to be so public about it. Now Banks has to come into a strange locker room and face vets who he has been publicly told to whip into shape. Could be tough. I prefer that leadership is proven to the group you are with. Leadership doesn't always work when its decreed to a new guy. Reminds me of Messier to the Canucks.

That may just be there very thought in acquiring him. SAM has been a position they have head a lot of trouble filling.Burke like Dunn at that position but the new regime probably has many new ideas

Yeah, it seems like they never really filled the position after cutting Clint Kent. Maybe Banks can be the solution for a year or two while they groom someone younger.

The wildcard, of course, is Etch and his wacky defensive schemes. Banks has played and thrived in Stubler's match defense, so he should be fairly accustomed to complexity and checking off on the fly, but Etch is kind of a mad scientist. Should be interesting to see what he concocts...

Your right about Banks. The more you think about it the more it makes sense. Non of the vetran DBs who would know how to play that position wanted to in 2012. So in 2013 Burke but a first year guy there. SAM probaly one, if not the, toughest spot to learn in the CFL. You figure that position the way its played in the CFL does not exist in the US game. In the CIS game teams don't have 5 good receivers so it is played very differently there as well.
While they will have to wait to see what will happen with Muamba and the MLB spot. I suspect that Ian Wild would be one guy who will be able to keep is job at Wil

Agreed, steve, the SAM backer position is unique to the CFL, and not easy to master. You find a good SAM linebacker, you hang on to him like grim death IMO. It takes a special kind of athlete to do the job well.

Montreal has just released DB Byron Parker. Certainly his best days are behind him similar to Banks but I could see Winnipeg signing him and bringing him to TC. This will give them 2 former All Star CFL DBS with tons of experience.
Intersting how he was a pretty big FA signing for BC in 2012 then released and signed by Montreal and started in 2013 in a top CFL D backfield.
I suspect that Walters and Co. will be brining in plenty of new imports to the CFL so having a couple of vets around the locker room or on the field could be a great help.

Ottawa may be thinking the same with Parker


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It's early, but it is impossible to avoid drawing at least one conclusion about the off-season redevelopment of the B.C. Lions.

The co-ordinators are gone. The starting quarterback and money receiver are among several undergoing major injury rehabilitation. A defensive starter isn’t being offered another contract and the agents for the most productive receiver won’t counter the most recent offer of the Lions, likely sending him to free agency.

The first roster move of any sort was to trade five-time CFL all-star Korey Banks to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Friday for receiver Kito Poblah, who had been bypassed by two other non-imports on a 3-15 team that had less Canadian depth than the Lions last year.

Good start? Not exactly.

And if it seems as if the early signs have not gone well for the Lions, who are praying injured Travis Lulay and Emmanuel Arceneaux will be ready for training camp and who could lose Keron Williams and Nick Moore to free agency, it is also roughly what general manager Wally Buono is feeling these days.

“If you’re nervous,? Buono said. “So am I.?

Welcome to the off-season, where no year under Buono doesn’t begin without at least one popular veteran being shown the door as part of a regeneration process.

Banks became the latest in a long line of player reps to depart when he twice went public last month with his displeasure after the Lions were no longer willing to restructure the option year of his contract to include a signing bonus.

Naturally, money was the least of a list of factors for the move, according to Buono. The bigger mistake would have been to maintain the status quo on the field, even in a year in which teams playing host to the Grey Cup game generally don’t toss key parts overboard and instead hold onto to veteran talent.

“We were 13-5 (in 2012). Last year we were 11-7. We haven’t won a playoff game (under coach Mike Benevides). I’m going to take blame for that,? Buono said. “I’m not bringing in good enough players.

“This is a big year for us. You’ll judge the results next November, but if we do nothing it’s going to get worse.?

If Buono is nervous, the two players who helped form the most stable CFL secondary in the last decade are equal parts dubious and curious.

“What’s their plans for me? What direction are we going? First thing I thought is who do we have on our roster for us to make this move?? said Ryan Phillips. “I didn’t want to see this happen. I always felt I wanted all of us to go out together.?

Dante Marsh, who hopes to make it to his 11th training camp but wants the same option-year restructuring as Banks and is six months older, also reacted initially as might be expected of someone who had lost a long-serving teammate.

“I understand this is a business, but this is a brutal PR move,? said Marsh, who routinely voiced his displeasure in years when the Lions moved Banks away from his side of the field and used him as a nickelback. “If you’re not going to pay (Banks), who are you going to pay?

“Winnipeg gets a hell of an upgrade. We get a guy who has potential, but potential is a coach-killer.?

The 34-year-old Banks, who made $136,000 last year, annually would add a year in exchange for a signing bonus, which is subject to a lower rate of U.S. tax. That worked for the Lions when he was younger. Not now.

“I don’t want everyone to look at me thinking this is all about the money. They (Lions) just weren’t prepared to pay the way I wanted it, so we’ve moved on and I’m fine with that,? said Banks.

And the Lions seem fine that by adding Poblah they can at least concentrate on linemen in the Canadian college draft this year, even though Buono admitted his team doesn’t actually have the nickelback they want on the roster presently.

“Nickelback has been a revolving door,? said Phillips.

That can change now that the Lions have created salary cap space, Buono said, though it’s just as likely they will seek help elsewhere in the secondary at safety when free agency opens in a couple of weeks.

But Buono also said if anyone is surprised by the deal, they haven’t been paying attention to a formula he has employed for years (see chart), dumping veterans before their expiry date. Move over Geroy Simon, you’ve got company on the Prairies.

“This is not a precedent I’m setting. Most teams don’t give players the security and

comfort we have. Other teams have had players play our their options year after year,? Buono said.

“Yes, Korey has been a central figure. Geroy was central. But unfortunately the time bomb never stops ticking. One day it’s going to tick for me and somebody else will be talking to you.?

At training camp, Buono will find out if he has started his team on the path to a home playoff game this year, or if he just blew up his locker-room.

I will miss the Bank interviews. Most entertaining in this league.

The Oline is something that is killing them.

Nick Moore may or may not be back but they are deep at receiver.
courney Taylor will be able tos step up, Manny Areceux, Earnest Jackson also showed that he can be a starter from the smaller amount he has been able to get on the field. Canadian Gore in my mind is among and will be among the bext receivers in the CFL. Iauzzi and Poblah now without alll ov the Winnipeg pressure as a high draft pick.
Canadian Olineman are in partivcular the overwhelming need. Hadaira has erned his way by special teams now but sould lead him to a part of a good receiving corp. Also there willcerartainly be sevaral new Imports via NCAA, AFL, or NFL Free agent to fill roles withc a young but experinced receivers.


Really just one Canadian Olineman in FA in Josh Bourke stand out but there are some others that are still young and yet to reach there prime. Also BC have been able to find tow CFL ready starting olieman in 2012 and agai in 2014

Safety also a whole for BC. Unless they can have a player in house that can take that position like Mcarva, Akagai a carrier Special teams player sliding back to saftety or move Canadian CB Keynon Parker. After a great rookie year on special teams. Doubtfull he will break into the starting line up as a CB

Major trade bait should come from Elimiman