Banks to WPG for Poblah

I wish Korey all the best. He was a great Leo.

i was really hoping Korey would end up back in Ottawa.
oh well.

Yes, back to where he started.

Great trade for the Bombers! They need some real veteran leadership on defence. Banks can maybe bring back some of the "swag" this season! :slight_smile: Poblah has been a major bust so far after so much hype coming in. He might be a long term project like Jabari Arthur for the Stamps who took 5 years of bouncing around a bit (and staying healthy) to really come into his own last year finally.

I don't want to come across as I'm defending the guy, but Poblah has been injury prone... lets also consider the fact that he has never really had a QB throwing him the ball... a change of scenery should surely help.

As for Banks, I think the Lions got something for a player they weren't planning to resign. Something for nothing... not too shabby. It's a plus for both teams.

I think Banks could have been had for less personally. He pretty clearly wasn't in Wally's plans, and he was going to be released to free agency. I guess maybe they had to overpay a bit to get him to come to Winnipeg, as a rebuilding Bombers squad likely isn't at the top of his free agency wish list.

Trading away a guy who has been a complete and total bust is "overpaying"??

I guess we define overpay differently.

I think Walters and O'Shea are trying to up grade the veteran talent to be competitive this year and give their scouting and recruiting people time to get going. Burris at QB and Banks in the defensive backfield is a good start. Their Canadian talent sure needs upgrading and the loss of Muamba would be a blow on that end and also losing two top draft picks to the NFL doesn't help.But O'Shea is pretty sharp and knows what it takes to build a winner. He's had some good teachers Mathews, Rita, Barker etc.

I like Buono a lot but this is about deciding where Banks goes. Last thing he wants is to release Banks to end up in Calgary or Saskatchewan so he sent him where he is the least likely to come back and haunt him. In return he's taking in training camp body who he will likely cut.

But Winnipeg is moving back to the West division this coming season. So Banks could very well come back to haunt him (albeit not on a contending team).

Exactly. With the pending sale of the Argos no point in helping the Braley B team anymore :wink:

I think you nailed it with Poblah. He still has time to reach his potential. Since Fantuz bust onto the scene his rookie year everyone is looking for the next receiver to come in and be a top receiver right away.

The reality is it usually will take Canadian receivers a few years before they are able to step up.
It took Jabari 6 years as stated above
Spencer Watt broke out last season.
Watson got there a lot quicker than some
If you look at the Canadian FA receivers you will see a variety of post Fantuz draft guys

When drafting a top Canadian receiver allowing him to develop by year 3 would be a great pick. If earlier even better year 4 would be the pivitol year if he has not done it for you around that time a change of scenerio for that receiver would be best.

The Bombers did just that in getting a vet DB and the Lions can work poblah in behind two of the successful Canadian receivers who did get it going a lot quicker in Gore who is a top receiver in the league and Ianuzzi a solid 4,5 receiver right now and poblah can be that 3rd Canadian receiver to dress would be where he would be a reasonable expectation for the Lions.
I know Ianuzzi also plays well on special teams so that helped him onto the roster, Poblah would need to do the same.

A good trade for both teams, only if Poblah works out for BC, otherwise.....

BC was definitely looking for another Canadian receiver to go with Gore and Ianuzzi that is ahead of Haidaira development wise and has played and started to replace the one they traded away for Buck, Akeem Foster.

....I'll say one brief thing....The Bombers won't miss Poblah BUT I bet the leos will miss Korey Banks :wink:

I will agree with the Bombers not missing Poblah it was time for a change for him and the Bombers.
Banks may not be missed by BC either. They still have some strong leadership and experience in the D backfield and there will be another Cord parks coming in they may already have one in Chisolm as well as others to groom into a half back spot.
Lin J Shell was the extra guy along with Phillips could hold down the Half back spots for now.
A young Canadian like McGarva or moving Kenyan Parker from CB to Half back would round out a nice balanced d back field

I wouldn't call him a total bust. He has been hurt a fair bit, and when healthy who has Winnipeg had throwing him the ball? I'm not saying he's an all star, but he's a young Canadian receiver, and I'll give him a pass until he actually gets to play with a competent quarterback.

Young NI players are far more valuable than imports, especially imports at the end of their careers. Banks might have the better year this upcoming season, but the bigger question is longterm.

I really think the Peg came out ahead on this trade.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

And I would.

I understand Poblah didn't have the best QBs throwing to him, but neither did Kohlert or Watson. Poblah, when healthy, dropped throws I could've caught.