Banks shines in Argonauts debut

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts escaped their 2022 season opener with a narrow 20-19 win over the Montreal Alouettes.

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This is "shining"? Puh-leeese. Shining is Eugene Lewis' 7/11 127 yards. THAT'S shining (darn it).


Are we sure this article wasn't written by the Toronto Sports Network...I mean seems like the usual fluff piece they would write about a TO player or team. I think a better title would be Banks was average in a game where a majority of the players were craptastic.


So I guess the new definition and gold standard of "shining" is if you catch only 50% of the passes thrown your way for under 40 yards total on the night BUT one of the three catches you actually did make was for a TD ? :roll_eyes:


Starting cornerback going down may have had something to do with it.

I highly suspect even Banks would look at this title & go "Whaaat?". I'm sure it's not his standard of shining, but I guess it sounds better than "Brandon Banks is 'meh' in Argonauts debut". Lazy journalism, bordering on "fake news".

Shining? Lol. Like the author who quite obviously froze in a maze while going crazy? That kind of Shining I can understand.