Banks Over Cody? Not A Chance.

i dont get it, i would never take banks over cody, sure he had a stand our year last year in 05, but i think cody's performance in 06 shoul dhave let him walk away with the Award..

I agree Tay Got Rip Off...

He should made The CFL allstar Team

I don't remember BANKS making any highlight reels for big plays or hits like CODY did.

Agreed he got pimped


Agreed....Tay Cody definitely got shafted

if cody was on a good team, he'd get more recognition.

maybe next year?

Cody was the only Cat that deserved a spot on that team. I guess it's because he was hurt for awhile........I don't know if Banks got hurt this year.

i think banks deserved it.

i'm not so sure about Calgary's DB rhinehart... ditto for Eddie Davis despite his year...

Banks is a great player, a hard hitter. He was one reason why BC was number one. Well deserved.

Major Shaft! I'm not saying Banks doesn't deserve it too. But some players do make it on their past reputation. Tay came out of nowhere this year and became a star on his own merit. But hey, I'm just glad he's here...a major bright light in a dismal season. Congratulations Tay!