Banks or Quinn for backup?

What would you guys choose? I would choose Banks, but the only problem is that Quinn doesn't want to be third stringer. But then again life sucks.

whoever earns it.........many people are talking that early in the season the starting job could be between Glenn & Quinn.........with Banks and or Michna coming on later in the season........

let see who does well in the pre season, I have a feeling that Michna gonna have a breakthough and be the thrid or secord.

...i really liked Michna last year...for the little he got to play..he's smart...not such a great arm....but then a lot of star qbs. ..of the past... didn't have that great an arm.. Tommy Clements for one.....I hope we keep Russ around as the back-up for sure....but I would think that training camp will certainly be the time and place for making that decision...Whoever wants it bad enough ..i guess...

michna wont be back up and quinn will be 3rd string, banks is most likely our backup he might even give glenn a run for 1st

its that competitive at TC thisyear

it will be competetive.

there both no good so it doesnt matter :lol:

ahhh, so no one mentions Tee Martin?


He belongs in a bar somewhere watching the games on TV with Ted White.

hopefully tee martian and ted white will sign with sask. there 2 good QB's ready to start!

who will be back up banks or quinn it neither the back up will be Glenn cuz glenn will not be able to throw the whole game and BERRY offense is mainely throwing so we need a QB with a strong arm like Quinn and he has already seen Quinn practice and has already worked with him so i am really thinking Quinn is are starter and glenn is back up

I would say to use Quinn as a backup and Banks as the 3rd QB for now. It will give Banks to learn the Bomber play book, and then see what he can do IF Winnipeg falls out the race at the end of the year

IMO the number 1 qb spot is wide open..........this will be a new offense under Berry and whoever can run it the best gets the job.........

I’m with Pigseye on this one…new coach, new offensive scheme, so let all QBs have equal time in training camp and exhibition games, and may the best man win.

don't forget Quinn is 32 years old fellow Bomber fans, don't think he will start or back up. I see it as Glenn or Banks #1, 3rd string will be Michna. Tee will not show, if he does will not make the starting 3. I think Quinn was brought in as insurance and will end up on the practice roster. But then again that is just my opinion, why start a 32 year old when we have Glenn, Banks, Michna all ready to step up to lead us at this position?