Banks on the block?

Being reported that the Bombers are looking to move Korey Banks after being a healthy scratch last night. Interesting.....

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...Bombers say no BUT a tweet from Banks saying ' a new day starts now' or something to that effect, was picked who knows??? :roll:...Some new guys we've signed just may have stolen Banks' spot :roll:

Not sure how I feel about this move if it's true. I'm mean it seems a little premature to give up on a veteran guy like banks after one game. Maybe there is more to this then we know? Maybe the bombers are seeing what BC saw to let the guy walk? Either way management better make the trade or put the speculation to rest. We don't need the distraction right now.

On another note, I'm happy to hear that ticket sales are on there way up again. Let's make IGF field the loudest stadium in the league and be a dominate home team. No more excuses, it's time to come out of hiding and support the team!

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Doubt there'll be a trade, they'll just release him most likely.

That didn't take long......being reported that Banks was released already!

Hmm well that was fast. This just kind of rubs me the wrong way. You trade away a Canadian wr for banks and then release him before even playing a game? Granted it was kito poplah, but still. Seems to me that whoever wanted this trade should have done the due diligence. But still, I suppose it just means he was beat by younger talent, which is always good to see. :cowboy:

....Banks asked for his release, according to the Free Press ,and it was because he didn't want to accept a lesser role...Some of his quotes when we signed him, were that he would do anything to help the Bombers win a Cup..I don't know what changed but if Mike O asked him to be more of a role player and he refused and asked for his release, fine then adios... :roll:

I don't doubt a release is imminent, but I haven't seen the official Bomber release, so I'll wait for that.
Mr Banks said he'd do what it took to help the team, but didn't mention "except back up a position".
What can you do?

Well if that's the case, then yeah no choice but to release him. Thanks for clearing that up. Not sure where else he would go, but someone will pick him up for sure. Me thinks Montreal or Toronto.

I read that he skipped out on practice after talking to Walters and O'Shea and putting in his request for release. Oh well, there are a lot of talented DB and hyrbrid LB/DB types on the roster that they like.

Would agree with the other poster above me, Montreal may be a good landing spot for him. Man are those Als a mess right now. Smith can't hit an open receiver, Oline having issues, secondary letting guys get open all over the place. Banks won't solve all their problems but Popp has never been shy about bringing in vets to see if they have any more shelf life to them.

After the game today, perhaps we could interest the Tiger Cats to take Banks to use as an o-lineman........

Als secondary isn't weak. You go 2 and out SEVEN times in a quarter its not Kory Banks that's gonna help you.

Maybe he can throw passes more accurately than Smith. . .

Agree to disagree. True enough, I would agree on the long term effects on the secondary by an inept offense, I've seen that time and time again with the Bombers. But in the last preseason game vs Ottawa and in the Calgary game, they gave up bunches of yards through the air and early points. You can't pin all of that on the O. Actually those two games reminded me a lot of the bombers the last few years - D gives up early points, offense can't do anything early in response, and more often than not it snowballs from there. The run D has been pretty good though, I thought. Held Cornish mostly in check until Hebert took him out with the WWE move.

I didn't get a chance to see the game but if the D is on the field for 35 minutes and only gives up 29 to a high powered offense like Calgary I'm not pointing fingers at the defense. It sounds like yet another case of unqualified armchair QBs that see a 102 yard pass on the highlights and jump to the conclusion that the secondary therefore sucks balls. It was one play. You take that one play out and the Als defense looks pretty good on the yardsticks.

No, I've watched the Als preseason game vs the redblacks and the game vs the Stamps from start to finish. It's just my opinion from what I saw. Sure you take away the one 102 yard TD play and statistically on paper things look better for the D. The stats page though doesn't take into account the game BLM had and any of his misfires as well as any yardage taken away by offensive penalty and yardage gained by Montreal penalties that shortened the field. And take away the long TD, Calgary still put up over 325 yards in offense. This a week after Burris put up completion after completion against them with the "superstar" receivers he has to work with like Kierre Johnson, Marcus Henry, and Dobson Collins. Henry's the only one who has surpassed 500 receiving yards in a season, once and just barely at that.

Wolverine…I could not agree more. The Als defense was poor. They continually gave up chunks of yardage. It looked as tho BLM could get whatever he needed. He certainly could have added more if they needed it instead of grinding it out in the 4th.

The march from their one yard line to a field goal early was telling. Then they got the 102 yarder after that. You can’t just write that off as a “well, its only one play”. Overall the Als D was scrambling all day I thought.

June 30


It's being reported Banks has arrived back in town today after "filing a grievance" and is expected to be released. Hope they don't release him till after the game. What a clown, using the game day to come back and create a circus. From here on out the term leadership is used in conjunction with Korey Banks' name will only be put together when making a joke.

Evidently not, Bombers making it official that Banks has been released.