Banks Left Behind

Looks like the number 1 - 3 jobs are now between Glenn, Quinn and Michna....Banks is being left behind for Montreal and Berry says he 4 on the depth chart.....

Quinn and Glenn are my fav's but they need to step up!!

Banks looked way better then Michna in the preseason game...

Hmmm...I don't agree...the best 3 are going to Montreal...

...i believe Banks will be relegated to the pr.....if he dosen't want that status...i think his short stint with the Bombers could be over...its. a battle to see who will be 1,2, or 3, in Mont..... between Glenn,Michna, and Quinn...just my take.. :?

Anyone have any ideas on why Banks slid down the depth chart so much? I actually thought he might challenge for the no. 1 spot, he can be a good no.2 , IMO.

Easy...he's not catching on to the system. All I've read all training camp about the QBs is how Banks is struggling to learn the system...

This is a surprise. I thought Banks was a young stud based on the limited action he saw in Ottawa. I thought for sure that he'd end up being Glenn's backup at the very least, if not challenging for the number 1 spot.

I though Banks did well, is Martin gone? please god tell me that MARTIN IS GONE!!!

Martin’s as good as gone…don’t worry, he won’t be back…

...rumours around the Peg. today is that the Bombers are shopping Banks around.....don't know what we could get for an unproven qb. with lots of potential...but heh...the free press says Banks could be on the move... :o

Berry could be playing head games. It could be one of the three who go to Mont, who could get cut. Banks could already have the clip board job, because of age and raw tallent.

well, if we can get someone good for banks id be pleased. but for now i think hes on the protected PR spot. all i can say is Glenn better pick it up. hes playing with the starting offence so if he doesnt step up, i say we need another QB fast.

The good news for Banks is that apparently Michna and the other guy sucked hard in the second preseason game. I still like the guy and definitely wouldn't mind having him in an Als uniform down the line.

...who ...Michna...or the other guy...maybe we can make a deal... :rockin:

Haha, no I meant Banks. I know Matthews thought highly of him last year -- he even told Paopao after an Als-Gades game that he had a young buck on his hands in Banks.