Banks has made me eat my words

Not sure if this has been posted yet, apologies if it has. I was all for cutting BB after his first game with 6 drops in a row and previous horrible returns; I thought he sucked big time, but damn if he can't catch a ball over his shoulder with a guy all over him. Very impressed with how his catching game has come around.

Another serving of crow?

I have to agree. However, my feeling was he lost his confidence, team made him take a pay cut; he was not used to his potential by previous coach; not enough balls thrown to him.
June recognized his potential, and used him where he would be most valuable.
I hope we resign and give him a big raise!

I don't know if it's been mentioned anywhere, but Banks is currently 65 yards short of a 1,000 yard receiving year, almost all of those yards gained from Labour Day on.

Imagine we had this offence from the start, he would be challenging for 2,000 yards right now...

Let's be sensible now. I want a fair contract at a fair price.

Part of the negative aspect of the Austin era was big contracts that stretched the cap.

I'm not saying speedy isn't worth a raise, but I want smart money management that stretches our dollar. Give him a raise, but we need strengthening in a lot of areas so don't spread too thin.

You’re not the only one who needs to admit they were wrong. One particular poster (who I shall not name but knows who he is)....also needs to EAT CROW for all his whining about Banks and the $$ we paid him.

Been great happy for speedy seems to went through a rough patch in his life and nice to see him playing great, would like to see a 3 year deal

I think many of us had given up on him...boy were we wrong. He is for sure a keeper. I was at the game and as well as he did he was wide open at least 3 more times deep...Masoli just couldn't find him or didn't have enough time to set & throw that far. I hope they offer him a good contract...he deserves it.

June Jones made me eat my words against Speedy B by removing him from the return team and teaching him how to catch as a receiver .
Getting off the returns boosted Speedy B's confidence and someone must have coached him to be a good receiver ,he was struggling catching balls over his shoulder , seems to have it down now.
Well done Brandon!
Most improved player 2017 !

Another example of how the beginning of the year was botched.
Speedy is a huge fan favourite and needs to kept around as long as they can. He is exciting and has style. Entertaining like his qb.

Austin had Banks on a lot of east-west routes when we now clearly see it is his north south that stretches the field and has DBs playing way off him.

so happy for speedy

There is a lesson to be learned from this (not that it will help in the future).

Players that demonstrate elite-level talent do not suddenly wake up one day and lose all their ability and motivation. Sure, they all fade over time through age and perhaps injuries. But a sudden drop-off from a star player may signal that something else is at play besides ability or talent.

Star players are hard to find and should not be thrown under the bus when the team is losing. Personally, I'd look to keep the proven stars and jettison the guys who have never proven anything.

Have to agree that Speedy's pass catching work has been a pleasant and welcome surprise. The spark he lost on returns has certainly been found in spades on receiving. But to be honest, I see him as a 'pass catcher' and not a true 'receiver'. He runs a great fly pattern, where he can use his asset of speed, but his east-west routes, hooks, and down and outs in the flats are only possible if the DB backs off to respect that speed. Limited skills in deceptive routes.

Having said that, I have to acknowledge his tremendous skills improvement in actual catching and hanging on after the reception, and also in his YAC numbers. Most importantly, he is once again engaged in the game and with his team-mates, instead of the pouting and histronics of the first 8 games. Nicely done Speedy B!

First half of the year he couldn't catch a cold. BUT he's come leaps and bounds since being pressed into actual WR service this year.

The defense remembering how to play again, and Banks not dropping 2 out of every 3 balls his way seems to be the turnaround on the year.

I think conversations about Banks earlier this year were based upon the merits of paying so much for a returner-- regardless of how good he might be.
Austin agreed that he was overpaid and cut his salary.

Banks is now a receiver and not a returner very often. Maybe his salary is more in line with other top receivers. Austin failed to see his talent as a receiver.

The thing I don't get is if Brandon Banks can find a resurgence under a new Coach with a new offense under a revitalized team.......

Then why can't Zach be given the same chance?

Banks was given a completely different role by Jones. Under Austin, he was returning kicks, and occasionally going in at receiver, but limited to crossing routes and running plays. Under Jones, he isn't returning kicks, except the occasional late game field goal, and his receiving routes are a mix of deep corner routes, resulting in the defence backing off, and outs to take advantage of when the defence backs off.

What new role would you suggest for Collaros? Note that prior to his injury, he was a mobile quarterback, but since coming back, he was staying in the pocket. Both were with Austin as coach. So which is more likely, Austin changing the playbook to use a pocket QB knowing that Collaros excels as a mobile QB, or Collaros no longerbeing able to scramble as well as he could prior to his injury? I suspect the latter, at least this year (I tore my ACL almost 40 years ago, and I still occasionally hesitate putting too much strain on it).

I also suspect that he'll have confidence in his knee again by training camp next year, at which time, he will be given a chance to show that he can execute the run and shoot offence. If he can, he'll be kept and might end up being our starter again. If not, he'll be traded or released.

You think Collaros should play receiver?

LOL !!! Well if Carter can play DB then why not try Collaros at receiver ? or maybe Zach can be our new kick return specialist replacing Speedy since he is now a revitalized full time receiver ;D.

Some people only remember facts convenient to sad