Banks, full time receiver?

I'm kind of curious why Banks isn't made a full time receiver like Williams. I think he would be hard
to cover with his speed, and he has good hands. Lets face it , there are others who can run back kicks and punts,
and imo he needs to be used more in the offence , I think for deep patterns ,and not just little running plays , or small passes. I don't think anyone ever looks for the first down marker, and colaros needs to throw for more than 4-5 yards.
They need an out for the quarterback, if he gets in trouble , as well I think they should be running the ball more to create more play action. There doesn't seem to be any immagination in they offence ,it is too conservative, maybe call more screens. I could go on forever , but I am not the coach , and I look forward to when this all gets fixed, but would love to see Banks as a full time receiver.

IMO, Speedy is not a route runner, and has suspect hands. Other than a “fly pattern”, what would you have him run? And with his size, he would tend to disappear into coverage on deep patterns.

Maybe be useful on end arounds or crossing routes, if he can turn up field.


His size is a big factor the only time he would be useful is in a fly route as Palmer has said or throwing to the flats, and hoping he can accelerate before the defense can get to him.

Also anytime he runs into a zone defense or runs a route through the middle he is just asking to be crushed and while Speedy is a relentless competitor it is only a matter of time before he is hit and doesn't get up.

Not a horrible idea with the current roster of pass catchers.

Should be cut.

yea I hear what you all are saying , I guess I see him as the same type of player that Chris Williams is
with some work.

To be honest, no player should get cut until this gets worked out.

No one player is responsible and a carosol of players is not going to help.

Like someone pointed out all of the ex ticats in league....getting rid of Banks because of the lack of blocking...he would be the next on that long list of great players who had a "stop-over" in Hamilton on their way to Championships.

So, I was going to ask the anti-Banks crowd if they even noticed that Saunders had a bunch of returns last game and didn't do any better, and if they had any theories of why that might be.

Then in checking the stats to confirm, I couldn't help but note that our team had a total of 3 punt returns and 9 kickoff returns. That's almost as shocking as the final score. Calgary had 7 punt returns and 1 kickoff return. (At least you're always guaranteed to make 1 kickoff per game.)