Banks ends TD drought, but eyes bigger prizes

HAMILTON — The number, when Marshall Ferguson said it on TSN’s broadcast, was jaw dropping.

It had been 719 days since Brandon Banks‘ last trip to the end zone. To be fair to Banks, pretty much everything in life fell under the semi-permanent pause of the pandemic in 2020 and when you lose a season of play, that’s out of your hands, regardless of how sticky they are and how many binds they may have gotten you out of in the past.

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Hamilton has a sound defence, a QB, receiver and a great new running back peaking at the right time. The Grey Cup is in Hamilton and they will give the Bombers a good run. But, alas, all for not. The Bombers will win it again. Unless Willie J is out for the Grey Cup, for whatever reason, injury, DUI, Covid...If he don't play, Bombers loose and Hamilton wins the Grey Cup.

I always admired the super athletic Speedy B. It sure was nice to see him catch another major in Week 14 at home versus the Lions. The Cats now face my hometown Argos for first place in Week 15. :question: