Banks at it again on Twitter

Brandon Banks

I be glad when you so call fans know the different between a athlete been (me)(I) player vs a VERY CONFIDENT/outspoken player ! Y’all the same ppl who gave y’all kids a ribbon for been there , instead of teaching winning traits !!

If you walk the walk, there should be no reason you should not be able to talk the talk.

Kind of refreshing that a player is not using the usual cliche comments…and revealing his true feelings. ( ever hear an interview with a hockey - usually complete waste of time)

Can’t really disagee… although many will…just the reaction of the entire team after banks got injured …deflated… shows he is the leader on and off the field.

Can’t wait for Drew to defend him as “passionate”

Imagine the head explosions at 3D Nation if Manziel said anything vaguely resembling 1/10 of what Banks gets away with.

Imagine yourself with a broken collar bone ,you’re on painkillers ,your mind is affected by the dope and you’re cooped up in a room …Speedy don’t take drugs and type …

Banks definitely is fast, shifty, and has turned himself into a top-flight, even first team all-star receiver. He has also been criticized for his off-the-cuff comments and his put downs of team-mates and coaches. I have never, however, heard him described as the sharpest pencil in the case. Just a thought as one reads his twitter output.

And does anyone wonder why this team went 0-8 with Austin in control ( not just about ZC as some would say) and Speedy’s stats were absolutely miserable? He was sulking back then! And the more he sulked, the worst his stats necame. Not a team guy by a long shot!

No No No. don’t make excusses for him. He is all about “ME? and that is it!

Team can prove Speedy wrong by winning a game without him in the starting line-up. Just one game.

Last time it happened was 2016.

My biggest beef is the hit on Tasker and Collaros last week
Both dangerous plays that should have been ejections also . Just my hard earned two cents

Speedy may have been sulking but he also rarely saw the field as a receiver under Austin.

Does that make it ok to sulk?

Leave the guy alone, he shows more passion for this team and city than anyone past or present.

That’s quite the statement considering some of the players that have come through here and the history that surrounds this franchise.
I think we could easily come up with 10 players that show more passion for this city and team than Banks, who loves to show passion for himself.

News flash! Speedy is high strung, The guy is a thoroughbred, it’s the way he is, he goes at a billion miles an hour all the time hence the “Speedy” moniker
I don’t want him to back off, Acting modest is not in his character or DNA.

Guess what Crash, its my opinion and I could care less weather you agree or not.

Yes!! yes it absolutely does. 3 and a half seasons as basically only a returner. Should’ve sulked harder

I enjoy watching him play, but reading what he writes…???

It sounds like it comes from someone with a grade 4 education! He’s college educated? C’mon now.

I hope he heals up and comes back better than ever…but making statements like he has isn’t going to help him on the field, if and/or when he does return.

There are ways of sounding confident in your abilities without sounding like spoiled, narcissist, brat.
There are ways of expounding upon your accomplishments with a “team first” attitude.
This incredibly talented man-child has no filter between thought and verbal/written output. There is no “I had better not say that” firewall.

Considering that they both play on the same team, how can he say that Masoli is the MOP of just the Cats but then considers himself as the MOP of the whole league. ???