Banks at it again on Twitter

Calling out the league/refs…

Brandon Banks

It’s hard when a ref take everything out of our fans every other 5 plays …we play two team a game (other team/ refs) ???♂? #IGOTTIMENOW!!!

Thanks Speedy. I’m sure that will help things with the officials. It’s been my experience that officials start giving you the benefit of the doubt when you publicly criticize them on social media.

Yep, the frustration is beginning to set in. It just snowballs. Take dumb penalty, get more frustrated, take another dumb penalty in frustration… lather, rinse repeat. But Speedy has a point. When the players have to come out and voice it then it’s a problem. It’s not just fans being disgruntled with the outcome of the game. We have a real problem here and it ain’t in Houston. Good on Speedy! God Bless him!

CFL officials don’t hate Hamilton. They just hate being good officials.

Either way you slice that, it’s short end of the stick for us…


What, my post or the officiating?

The hits on Tasker and Collaros show how seriously the league takes player safety. The league will have to do a huge upgrade in officiating otherwise I think Insurers and lawyers will bring the league down.

The "Illegal Formation " call in the second half was a frustrating call …the play was finished and then a flag

was thrown late … real momentum busters for the fans I think .

But it was right…

whats banks Twitter name

I don’t know about the rest of the Ti-cat Fans`, But I d love for the refs to let the teams play it and
decide the outcome. Its sickning to me to watch the refs call every single thing they see.

It was the Ottawa coaches that made that call not the refs.
I heard the coaches scream and then out came the flag.
CFL refs at their best.

Then the complaints about not calling penalties will come out..

Was told not long ago the anti TC bias by officials would end because we got rid of that bully Austin.

I can’t say if it was right or wrong, didn’t see the replay at the game.

My issue is how long after the play was over before the flag came out.

If the official noticed an illegal formation, the flag should have come out immediately and possibly call the play dead.

Instead, Hamilton had a good play, everyone was moving to their huddles, then the flag flies.

This to me, looks like the ref was influenced to throw the flag either by the eye in the sky or , as someone already said, by the Ottawa bench.

If the team doesn’t have enough men on the line of scrimmage (and they absolutely did not), the refs won’t know it until the ball is snapped. Perhaps they wanted to confer with each other to make sure. Or perhaps the eye in the sky saw it.

I would say your beef should be with the team that doesn’t know how to line up properly, not the refs who made a correct call.

I think this was after Matthews went down, and there was a suggestion that we only fielded 11 men on that play. Maybe both Rice and Matthews were supposed to be out there, but Rice was replacing Matthews and could not occupy two positions.

Each formation regardless if the slot or wide out or tight end must have 7 players on the line of scrimmage. You would think after 17 games the guilty party would understand this. Only in Hamilton.

And now, not just “Again,” but “Again” and again:

Sad. There were many signs, this year, that he was actually becoming a “We Before Me” team guy, but:

Brandon Banks

Please don’t make this about me try throw our qb under the bus!!! Masoli is and by far the MOP of the ticats!!!but I personally think speedy b is the MVP OF THE ENTIRE CFL ! Just my opinion no disrespect to all the great players in league ! Just look at my week to week production


What is wrong with him?? Does he not realize how bad this makes him look?

Unbelievable and disappointing. Not what a TEAM first guy should be saying out loud.