Banks and Sinkfield

After watching these two fantastic players make something out of nothing repeatedly versus BC last night, I believe that they both must play every game for us going forward in 2014. These two are incredible playmakers, and that's what earns championships.

Loved it when Sinkfield threw down Nick Araki like a rag doll late in the game when the latter tried to tackle Sinkfield on a kick return.

Koch and even Ellingson may have a hard time getting back into the line up.
Sinkfield, for a bigger guy that runs a straight ahead north south style, is still extremely elusive and slippery to tackle!

I would hope Sinkfield has more class than this. Nick Arakgi is pushing 60 years old (and admittedly, has no business trying to tackle our players). His son Jason, on the other hand, would be fair game. :slight_smile:

Sinkfield put up 120yrds on the field yesterday!

B Banks---------- 3-----53----17.7
T Sinkfield------1-----25----25.0

PLAYER---------- RET YDS---AVG
T Sinkfield--------3----92----30.7
S Giguere----------1----24----24.0
B Banks-------------1----5-----5.0

He also had a 3 yrd shuffle pass which was stopped early

Sam Giguere seems to enjoy playing against the BC Lions. That one KO return he had was a difficult reception to make, and he didn't have the benefit of having 20+ yards of open field and an entire team of blockers in front of him, yet he still managed a 24-yd return to give us excellent field position. He also had some good pass receptions during the game. He should be used more.

And Jason’s brother Major Arakgi (can’t remember the first name) was honoured prior to the game as part of the RHLI’s(?) reserves.

Truly an Arakgi trifecta last night. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

On the replay Sinkfield does seem to throw Jason to the turf, just to cushion his own fall as he landed on top of him. :wink:

Also named Nick.

Thanx JFL!

Yes, Giguere is one tough player and he seems to get some criticism from fans one week and then the fans are singing his praises the next.

A few weeks back I made a thread about Brandon Banks and why not someone else. Well Over the past few weeks he has definitely proved me wrong and it is definitely impressive to watch him and Sinkfield return kick-offs and punts respectively. I am looking forward to seeing our team progress with these two in the line-up if we are able to keep them knowing Ellingson will be coming back hopefully sooner than later.

Looking very strong heading into the final stretch and the long playoff run.

i dont see the flip floping to be honest.

he had a decent game but id sit him in favour of Banks or Sinkfield in a heart beat

Sinkfield...Sinkfield???? Didn't we just get him from the artholes?

Sure hope he has a SUPER game Friday

Where are you guys finding the individual game stats, I can't seem to find them here or on the CFL site. I ask because I didn't think Giguere had any significant yards after the catch on Saturday.

[url=] ... otes-stats[/url]

11 GIGUERE 3 39 26 0