Banks also injured

I don't know how to copy and paste from my phone but Banks tweeted after the game that he has a fractured rib and, that he finished the game for Zach and the other players that were hurt.

Here it is:

brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 11h11 hours ago
with a fractured rib , barley breathing thru out entire game …I was leaving out there for guys like @ZCollaros7 , Matt coats!

Hopefully the bye week will give time for our stars to heal.

Guess we can thank Yurichuk for that one! :twisted:

It’s surprising that we’re not hearing more about this. If not for the Collaros injury I think it would be big news.

Was the injury sustained during the Eskimos game? Or did Banks get hurt the previous week and decide he was OK to play?

Why break the news now, and make himself a target for cheap shot artists who will now know where to aim? Is it because he thinks he can heal up over the bye week, or is it because he knows he’s out for a while?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Wait.. Matt Coates is hurt as well?

I keep trying to put a different slant on it, but it keeps coming out that it sounds like he was patting himself on the back for playing hurt, specially with the last part. if so, disappointing.

Maybe so. But when you consider the way players today dance and celebrate for simply doing their job after many routine plays, a guy who plays with a cracked rib is probably more deserving of a pat on the back than a lot of guys.

I agree, but it should be others doing the patting

I think I saw a tweet during the game (not sure if it was Drew or Sciantti but possibly the latter) that Coates was having HIS knee looked at on the sidelines. Looks like we lost 3 players to injury during that game. As well as Banks, Dyakowski was also having issues with his ankle which he had re-taped during the game, but he was still limping apparently

Certainly hope that Andy is ready to return after the bye especially if Coates is hurt and needs some time to recuperate.

thanks Tabbie

yah I saw Peter limping in pain every time he came off the field. :cry:

I did notice that Medeiros was playing by the end of the game, which makes sense if Coates was injured.

God Bless Speedy B!!!

We need ya for those thrilling returns and to help hoist the cup this year!

Speedy recovery.

All the best!

So, if Banks has cracked ribs, and it affects his running ability or his ability to stay in the game, do we see McDuffie next week?

Next man up !!!!!!!

Nice having depth, isn't it?

If Grand Banks is out for how long and I wonder when Bob will have to lease a wing of the hospital for our ever growing injured list. :cowboy: