Banjo: Sask. vs Winn.

Should be way closer of a game than last years Banjo Bowl. Winnipeg by 6......Go Bombers

No matter the outcome (tho I hope Blue takes it) these back to backs are always super fun.


You just never know in the CFL but I'm hoping the Bombers can bounce back and make a game of it today. Riders are hungry especially after the Lions got another win on them.

The Riders are hungry for a beatdown. They'll get one :twisted:

Bombers by +14, GO SWAGGERVILLE!!!

A two many men called and Edmonton isn't playing? Wow...

So I guess Suitor isn't the idiot. Willis is for calling himself the CEO.

Why are people calling this particular game the Banjo Bowl? Is it some redneck thing? I didn't think Canada had rednecks.

Love the jerseys, love the play calling, love Buck's determination, going to love the results (shortly)

It'd be more interesting if Sask remembered how to play football, but at least I'll be 4-0 on the week.

Teams have been forgetting how to play when they come here all year, and will continue to for a home playoff game as well. :rockin:

Durrant; :thup: nice throw for TD...10-7 Bombers

We have plenty, particularily if you go up north in BC or Oilberta.

Sask. pickin it up in the second Quarter.....FG 10-10

'Bout time.

Pick and a great return. :smiley:

Butler sure came to play today

There's been some serious miscommunications in the Bombers secondary the last 3 games.

Nah, Bombers just forgetting how to play :roll: