Banjo Pickers hosting the Bombers

We’re ten minutes away from kickoff, so I thought I’d start the game topic. I’ll be pulling for the Riders since they’re my third favourite team, and since I picked them in BigDave’s pool. :smiley:

I’m also hoping Jake Ireland called in sick this after. :lol: But seriously, let’s have a good game! :smiley:



I missd what happened there at the coin toss....can anyone tell us?

Bombers "D" looking a little sluggish

This is the Wes Cates we've been missing all season. Hepofully he keeps it up throughout the game. Nasty hit on Durant. If I'm Ken Miller, I don't want him taking those hits. :? Good opening drive by the Riders. 7-0.

Neutralize Cates, Dressler and Bagg and Riders don’t much else to go on!

Yeah Bishop is a retard.

You could say that about any team... :expressionless: Eliminate Mallett, Simon, and Paris Jackson, and they don't have much else to go on.

Durant is looking pretty good right now. Apparently he spent the bye-week watching film. Shows dedication on his part. Good for him. The Riders have really come out to play today. This team is executing like Montreal was.

oops meant to quote this one, I'm a little retarded too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bombers D can't stop squat!

the Riders are running wild all over them!

Bombers going back to School? White boards?

sheesh how degrading!

HUGE defensive stop for the Riders. That was awesome. It looked like there may have even been holding on that play, and yet the Rider (was it Chick?) was still able to get the sack. These guys are pumped up! :smiley:

I think BC has more depth when firing on all cylinders compared to SK. It's just BC has been mis-firing where it looks like riders are firing on all cylinders today and should cruise to an easy win today.

Bombers look like the Lions when they played the bombers........flaaaat!

woooo!!!! Riders kicking butt!!

..since when did the BBs hire Nick Nolte as an assistant coach?...

id like another TD!

they should have gotten the 3 pts!

now they got zip!

What a turn around. Jeez... Talk about weak tackling by Saskatchewan. That Rider (missed his number) should've had #12. Huge gain for the Bombers.

Heh Just as I was about to say we could have a game, Chick comes out with a huge tackle. :lol: