Is a sellout 36k ....Will be the loudest game in any stadium in the CF,L this regular season. Even though both teams are struggling, this game is like the big U.S. college type atmosphere. Tailgating is starting at noon and it will be madness all afternoon. Kudos to the CFL for switching this game to a Saturday.

It will be all good until the game starts but when the Riders begin demolishing the Blue this could get ugly. The fans will be booing the Blue by the end of this one as they will know their season is over and it will be the same old next year story again.

I just thought of the perfect name for the Bombers. They should retire the Bomber name out of respect for the great teams of the past and go with the Winnipeg Ground Hogs.

As its is Ground Hog Day every year with this team.

SK isn't that much better than Winnipeg , it will be close . No Brohm gives us a chance .

The Banjo Bowl Song/video:

Loved it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Despite everything that has transpired in the past couple weeks, I feel a strange sense of excitement about the game this afternoon. Can't wait for kickoff!

Early really shanked one. With the penalty, the BBs will start on the Rider 25 or something like that.

Johny Chick causes a Nichols fumble - what wheels ... and Riders recover. Even better.

Kinda neutralizes the shanked punt. It’s like the changes of possession never happened.

Wow, Rider's turn to get great instant field position due to a botched punt - this time, a snap over the head of the punter.

TD Rob Bagg - not sure he got his foot in but I see he did on replay.

Yes! Tip drill pick!! Rider ball!! 3rd turnover by Winterpeg.

Don't feel lonely legalbeagle; I'm reading your posts, but I can't watch the game to comment myself.

LOL! I thought it was like real life: I have no friends and talk to myself :slight_smile: Was trying to set a record for the most consecutive posts in a game day thread!

So far, this has the potential to be the worst football game ever played.
I'm waiting for Rodney Dangerfield to run out on the field.

Lots of defense so far but the Bombers need to stop cooking up those turnovers if they want to have a chance.

That was just a strange series - back and forth with penalties and all.

Nearly forgot about this game. Also, really getting tired of turning on channel 30 and seeing basketball. When does this tournament end?

Another fumble by Nichol with Hall tackling him from behind. 4th turnover.

Did I read that right, four turnovers in a quarter and a half? :o How many are from Nichols? :lol: