Banjo Bowl

Woods and Douglas have been officially been put on the IR. I don't see Douglas being brought back next year having played in a grand total of what, a half give or take, in 2 years? Woods has turned me into a fan since his fumble on the opening kickoff in BC. Hope the little guy can recover quickly and not lose any of his speed for next year.

Looks like Jovo will be returning kicks. I like this move. Jovo I think is more active on D when he's doing double duty, I think he just gets into the game more. I would imagine they sprinkle in some of Washington as well on some returns.

Also I guess the bombers also noticed that Swiston was more comfortable at tackle as they are practicing with him at RTand Boatman at RG.

Burke also noting Pencer is likely to come off the 9 game IR soon. It'll be interesting to see if they get him some game action later in the season.

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Woods is a huge loss for the Blue Bombers, he was basically our only run game. The other RB's all seemed to have fizzled this year and Woods was the only one that was really shining on the team. Hopefully Washington can have a more sure hand on his returns; he seems to have a problem with ball control when returning.

bombers make it official Mike Sims-Walker will draw in. Wonder who sits? Denmark?

If we can keep pressure on Durant, I think we can win this game. All the teams are cognizant of Henoc's ability and are keying on him, so as to negate his efforts. Someone else needs to fill the gap.

I said it for the first game, just blitz the crap out of him and hit him every chance you get and hope it works. This rushing 4 just gets you torched by everyone in the league including first time starters, Durant will feast on them.

Having said that, I don't expect a win, in fact I expect them to get their heads handed to them but that's just the way the season has gone, teams are more up to play in our new stadium then our own players.

Enjoy today,it's the only game of the year with a playoff type atmosphere attached to it ! If this team has a shred of heart , they will battle today.

…Players definitely playing for jobs now…There will be significant changes if certain players fail to perform…I think we’ll see a trade in the next week …Burke has been saying just that and I believe he’s ready to pull the trigger…As for todays game the Bombers have to keep Dressler in check and stop Sheets from running wild…Offensively I’m looking forward to the changes we’ve made recently to the receiving corps…There better not be any lazy play or anyone getting a case of the dropsies or they could find themselves in the unemployment line…Hope it isn’t a blowout…cuz with a full house you can bet the boobirds will be all tuned up…GoBombers…give it your best shot and get that first win at IGF :rockin:

The Ticats seem pretty happy with their starting linebackers and running backs. That may free up MLB Marcellus Bowman (who is about to come off Hamilton's 9 game IR) and RB Chevon Walker (who lost his starting RB spot to C.J. Gable this year, and who also lost his KR spot to Tavon Moore) for the trade block. I think both could help your club.

But maybe Austin wants to keep them around as depth going into next year's RedBlacks expansion draft?

Regardless, if Walters wants to deal, I'm sure Austin would listen.

Just heard the Bombers have zero first downs and 23 total yards at the first half break......glad the Niners/Packers game is on!

Pathetic, isn't it . . .

Following on Live GameDay (the old one).

Is that really true? Goltz is 2/8 for 12 yards and an interception, and we're winning?????????

Yup. . . this is the very definition of `winning ugly`` because it sure is ugly.

Not a great defensive battle, such as you love?


OF the many odd things about this game. . . the Winnipeg defence has actually gotten stronger as the game has progressed, which is odd given how long they have been on the field because of that offence. . . and now Goltz is pretending to be a gunslinger. . . .

Every time the NFL game goes to commercial, I check the Bomber game and see them sacking Durant. Good to see they’re finally stepping up and making those classic uniforms proud.

I've never quoted myself before, so VOILA !!!!

…Hey Brad Wall…plunk…plunk…plunk…Great game from the Bomber D…Durant had to be scraped off the field after that one… He looked like he was punch drunk after taking so many hits…That win was a loooong time coming :thup: :thup: AND Mr. Goltz sure has a lot to learn but if he ever puts it all together…we may just have found our qb. :roll:

How many sacks did they end up with today?

....lost count...a bunch :rockin: