Banjo Bowl

Are Congi and Koch in for the Banjo Bowl? There has been no announcements and they are still listed on the injured list?

how many times does this need answered

It hasn't been answered, show me where it has been answered? and your "should be" in the other thread doesn't mean jack cause they are still on the injured list according to the site.

Agreed. No news at all about Congi or Koch. According to the team website, Johnson on 9 game, Boreham in. That's it. It is now less than 48 hours to kickoff, so I'm not sure if they can be added to the lineup or not now.

9 games are up for both of them so now they either have to be added to the 46, extended on 9 game (another 9 games), xfer to 1 game inj, or released.

The active 46 player rosters have to be set 24 hours before game time and not 48; it was 48 hours 3 years ago but it is now 24.

Players added to nine game injury list,before start of 2011 regular season, are coming off that list on the 10th of September,for teams playing Sunday. Depth charts will be available tomorrow afternoon.


Thank you. :thup:

As per CFL transactions of June 25,2011, Luca Congi comes off the 9 game injury list on September 10,2011.

As per CFL transactions of July 2,2011, Cary Koch comes off the 9 game injury list on September 10,2011.


Thanks for the answers Richard