banjo bowl

is the bango bowl blackout going to be lifted?

Yes it has been lifted, the silent broadcasting station will be picking the game up.

Is the game sold out? I’m assuming it is…

i'm wondering when the 'silent broadcasting system' will return to black and white as this seems to be the progress they are making in the union dispute....backwards.....i'm waiting for Charlie Chaplin to come on at half-time... :arrow:

winnipeg ready for another beating :?: sweeeeeeeeeep :wink: just trying to spice things up a lil :mrgreen: :lol:

Well I bet you're happy now...

That game sucked, WE HAD THE RIDERS BY THE BALLS !!!

Perhaps, KK, but your offense turned over the "ball" you had at the most inappropriate time for y'all. . .

i went to the banjo bowl and i was cheering for the rider sthe whole time!!! There were lots of bomber fans around me but there were these two in particular that were getting so angry casue the bombers sucked!