Banjo Bowl


Riders: :thup: 27
Bombers :thdn: 21

gc u ain't winning both. bombers are taking the banjo bowl.

All I'm gonna say is close game...

Me too, it'll be to close to call. The Bombers will be very hungry.

It will deffinately be close and probably come down to the last play of the game again.

Isn’t the Banjo Bowl supposed to be making fun of Saskatchewan?

Why does Winnipeg host it? Are they the Banjo Players?

Will be tough to win in Winnipeg I predict TIE GAME. 27-27.

Wow you were almost perfect in your prediction for labour day Gcup, I hope you're right again...

Im going to say

Riders 28
Bombers 27

A tie would be insane. Three ties in a season... I'd say we'd be close to setting a new record. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I think Winnipeg will pull out the win. We saw they're true contenders when they made that comeback victory over B.C. Montreal couldn't do... anything... against the Lions.

I think it'll definitely be the top game of the weekend again. And the Bombers will pull out a squeaker.

The game will come down to a last second score! Not willing to say who'll win because it will be that close!

It will for sure be a close one again. The Rider DB's got embarressed last week, so they will come out looking better with different zone formations. Richie won't let that happen again. We will also see more carries from Cates and Roberts. It will be a good chess match. Can't wait for it !

I think both teams will come out with a more prepared Defence. Making the game a low scoring game but I could easily see myself being WAY OFF on that one.

Holy crap! i was close!

Actual score:Riders:31 Bombers:26

Whoever wins game 2 won't win by much. Let's hope it's the riders.

Changed Prediction:
Riders: :thup: 27
Bombers: :thdn: 24

Yeah it was but the part that never made any sense to me was that, the whole Sask is just a bunch of Banjo pickers or whatever the quote was, was from the most hillbilly player in the league Troy Westwood, and like Thryllin said it is hosted in Winnipeg.......

I am not insulting the peg I am just stating what I kind of find well ironic.

I've got a banjo and am trying to start to learn. I think its a wicked instrument and i like the sound very much.

But i dont live in saskabush no more...

Just a thought for the PA in the peg at the banjo bowl, play dualing banjos =) that'd be rad... Or do they do that?

Okay Rider fans do not get upset with me. My dad >>>> Pappaloser told me to post this

Bombers 59
Riders 11

Seriously I laughed when he told me to do this but there it is not my feeling so I will give you mine

Bombers 35
Riders 23

Looks like Papa was on some crack. lol