Banjo Bowl

Can we sweep the Bombers at Canad Inns, or will we slink bad into our win/loss/win/loss habit?

The game will be closer, definitely, but I think we can pull it out!

See you in section 14A

i dont like the name banjo bowl :roll: well maybe thats why its there :wink: to make the Winnipeg fans feel more at home :stuck_out_tongue:

banjo bowl was named for you hick roughrider fans

oh and by the way GO BOMBERS GO


.....very tough words.....but coming from a guy named 'smirf' doesn't make it very convincing...HEY, THERES GARGAMEL!!!.....ha ha, made you look....

al least my words will be backed up tommorow they my be tough words but they are true :twisted:

Take away Stegall and Roberts and you have beaten the Bombers. There could not be a simpler game plan that, Winnipeg doesnt have the receivers or another RB to take the pressure off of those guys.

:roll: what ever you are all talk there is only one thing that the bombers could use and that is a back up QB

but seeing our starter is back you don't stand a chance

just like last week? If I remember correct the score was 39-12 for the Riders and the Bombers had BOTH Stegall and Glenn back for that game

…And Charles Roberts. All the Bomber key starters played last week. They sure didn’t put up much of a fight.

well like i said b4, the name banjo name is over there to attract the hicks who dont know any better over there and they think its some kind of Banjo Competition, so that all come out of the sticks :stuck_out_tongue: to watch, over here we call it LDC :wink: and i want to know who left the door open in here? 1 of them got in!! :lol:

what do you mean one of them bombers have the best fans in the cfl and we aint hicks

R u smoking crack thesmirff? 2 things.
1)Everyone and there mother knows that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have the best fans in the CFL, hands down. 2)I'm not a hick. I dont even know any hicks. I do know, however, that your kicker thinks we are hicks which is well, his opinion. I honestly dont think he is really the best person to be getting information like that from. I mean, I wouldnt be asking Troy Westwood about things liek that, i wouldnt even ask him where to go to get a haircut. I mean, unless he personally knows, then he has no idea. I live in Saskatchewan, and i dont see any hicks walking around on the streets of regina. I dont think ive really even seen more than 2 people playing a banjo.

so you have seen people playing banjos i have not seen any in winnipeg or any where else in manitoba :rockin:

so your tell us, that NO 1 in Winnipeg plays a banjo? :roll:

Absolutely, BGM.....No 1 from Winnipeg plays a banjo....that No 1 being none other than Charles Roberts..... :stuck_out_tongue:

i did not say no one i said i have not seen any one stop puting words in my mouth you hick
are the sask fans at the game to morrow going to be wearing watermelons on their heads again because that is kind of dumb and makes you all melon heads :lol:

Troy Westwood makes fun of people from Smalltown, Saskatchewan. HE'S FROM SELKIRK! That's pretty much the Weyburn of Manitoba

Funny that for years and years, Banjo Ernie was a fixture at Bomber Stadium....he might still be there, though I heard he has had health issues and no longer gets to the games...?

is the game blacked out for us sask ppl just wondering

Why would it be blacked out? It's not a home game.....