Banjo Bowl vs. Bombers

Hello rider fans, i am a bomber fan simply suggesting that you refrain from buying tickets in section "S" in Canad Inn Stadium. There are some roudy Bomber fans there and i have heard some awful stories about rider fans there. i just dont want anyone to get hurt. Most of the fans here arn't like that, that section is the one most parents try to keep their children away from. The Bombers not doing well this season wont help the odds.

enjoy the game!

Thanks for the warning. Can't imagine a worse way to watch a football game.

Wasn't that the section with the massive beer-cup snake a few years ago? The one that got out of hand and people complained, leading to the banning of any more "snakes"?

This isn't a slam against bomber fans, I just remember the specific incident, and thought I remembered that it was in this section.

Thanks for the warning, in any case. Always good to have some local knowledge! :thup: :thup:

Yes that is the same section, lots of beer cups = lots of drunk/roudy fans. In many cases it gets out of hand. By the way the riders are my second favourite team and I am very happy that at least they are doing well this year.