Banjo Bowl - Trash talk thread

The bombers suck.

But what can you expect from a team that comes from Winnipeg? The center of the worst province in the country. The city that has even less appeal than living in a sewage plant. The run-down, filthy dump that's no more than a truck-stop on the way between Thunder Bay and the real west.

How can any team feel any pride while playing for such a horrible place? Why would any player with any talent want to play for a town like Winnipeg? The only reason Armstrong, Smith and Glenn are on the team is because they couldn't cut it on a real team.

This has got to be the worst experience of the year for the Riders. They actually have to spend the night in Winnipeg while they smash the crap out of their pathetic excuse for a football team.

Just so everybody knows zbest doesn't speak for all Rider fans!'s called "trash talk"...pretty sure most know it's intended to be fun stuff only and from individual perceptions, Lady...

Fine line between fun trash talk and ignorant mean-spiritedness. The initial post crossed wayyyyy over that line.

Yep, which is why it now appears slightly modified...

The only place worse then Winnipeg is Regina, Where men are men and Sheep are scared.

Hey! At least get it right oiler... according to Marlin Perkins(Mutual of Ohama's Wild Kingdom), Saskatchewan is the place where men walk with moose... :lol: :?

I heard that the Golden Boy wants to be traded to Saskatchewan... and sit on atop the Sask Legislature so he can watch a winning football team...

That's fine but I still want everyone to know not all Rider fans think it's that entertaining.

Yep...they generally get that from the fact that few people participate actively in it...


...derailing it can be fun, though...

Then enjoy...

I think Winnipeg and Regina are equally bad cities to live in.

Lets Go Riders!!!!

Kick some Bluebomber ass!!!

Who would have thought that someone from Saskatchewan would come and insult the city of Winnipeg. Winters in Winnipeg suck but besides that it's a pretty nice city in my opinion.

Regina on the other hand...well must there not be a reason why there's so many expats? :wink:

Vancouver is no better. The thing is in Regina there is nowhere in the city where I wouldn't walk alone. Vancouver on the other hand...

Your telling me you are confident enough to walk the 3R reserve alone???? (Rea, Robinson, Retalack arround dewdney area, well actually Taylor Feild area)

You sir are braver than I.

I just hope the Winnipeg Cheerleaders shave their legs before the big game .

Yep. Have done that before.

Can't be worse than the Rider's cheerleaders.