Banjo Bowl to be broadcast on ESPN

Considering that i now know that your the poster known as Invader on other CFL team forums, you're the last person I'd ever believe.

Aside from the fact that you conveniently chose not to post all the ESPN ratings, Travel has it right that you completely overlooked the fact that I stated U.S (NBCSN and ESPN2) not just ESPN.

By the way Invader, tell me again how Winnipeg is going to pay off the Investors Group Field debt, by raising the facility by $2.50 ?

I wonder how the US viewers liked the big fight in the last quarter and the chants of "Ref You Suck" by the WHOLE stadium. :smiley:

Are there ever fights in the NFL? I only watch it when the CFL season has completed and usually fall asleep halfway thru or change the channel. (Boring !!) :wink:

You obviously have reading comprehension issues bomber-empire. You responded to my original quote about ESPN2 ratings:

[b]Xvys wrote:[/b] I'd have thought a CFL game would draw at least 500k viewers on ESPN...after averaging 250k last year on ESPN2
I never said anything about NBCN ratings, which tape delayed many games at Sunday midnight. I listed all the ESPN2 games I know of. If you have ratings for other ESPN2 games last year, post them...and please provide sources not just your obviously faulty memory.

If you want to factor in NBCN games last year, the CFL probably averaged closer to 40,000 viewers per game, not the 200,000 you claim.

That was a entertaining game and even chad was part of the game for once. And carter was also showing his stuff.

Really? There were at least three games that went into OT yesterday. Lots of offense and lots of high scoring. I did a lot of channel surfing.
Some great CFL action yesterday and I think you can say it was a great day for football and you should enjoy both.

I wonder how well the Labour Day rematches did down in the States.

Have a look at Challenger's comments in the Bombers/Riders Banjo Bowl thread ... very interesting.

Yes I'm sure there are exceptions ... when there are 16 games on a given day I'm some of them will be good ones. They just rarely seem to be the ones I happen to watch. And trust me, I've turned off quite a few CFL games this year, more than usual it seems.

With the CFL ratings averaging around 240,000 last year on ESPN2, I'd have thought they would reach 500,000 on the main ESPN network (where many people watch ESPN by default, much like TSN in Canada). But going against 10 NFL games on opening weekend they might be switching the channel, putting a huge dent in the potential CFL audience. I'll go out on a limb and predict Sunday's CFL games will average 155,000 to 185,000 viewers (although I don't know of any ratings source except for the ESPN Top 10, which probably won't be including the CFL.) :wink:

This guy would know
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