Banjo Bowl to be broadcast on ESPN

Let it be a good game. That will help more than anything else. A well played back and forth game decided in the final 3 minutes.


Hope the rematch is better as of now it's no contest which game was better .

If ESPN is only online then the ratings won't be great at all. The LD game was great, too bad that wasn't covered. Better then the battle of Alberta, cowtown dominated.

ESPN is now televising the entire CFL Sunday double-header on the main ESPN network across the U.S! Yep, going head-to-head against the full 1:00 and 4:00 pm season-opening NFL schedule. The CFL kills the NFL head-to-head in let's see how we fare down south in an olde-fashioned football shootout. Will the U.S. CFL ratings crack 1 million on ESPN despite the NFL competition? :thup:

Sun. Sept 7 1:00 pm Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Montreal Alouettes [b]ESPN[/b], WatchESPN Sun. Sept 7 4:00 pm Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers [b]ESPN[/b], WatchESPN

Showing the The Eastern game is a mistake.. it simply isn't professional football. This game will actually hurt viewership for the second game.

The first NFL game is on TV at 8:30 tonight. Sunday there are 10 NFL games starting at 1PM, 2 starting at 4:30 and 1 at 8:30.
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series runs on Saturday so Sunday will be all football.
Tailgating at home will have a lot of channel flipping and with CFL on ESPN there will many that will flip from one of the 10 NFL to CFL and visa versa. Since it is the start of the season the Sports Bars will be full. Again, with the CFL on ESPN depending on the number of TVs in the lounge at least one will have CFL. The lounge that the group I am going with has 22 TVs we have been told the CFL will be on at least 2 TVs, up to 4 if requested by customers. This however, is why it is hard to say how many in the US are watching CFL, same is true as to how many are watching a particular team in the NFL.
I believe it is smart of ESPN to do this on NFL opening day it gives fans a true comparison of the leagues and I believe will gain CFL fans.
I hope to hell that ESPN lets fans know that there are other CFL games scheduled for ESPN and CFL games that are not televised on ESPN are on ESPN3. It would not take long for fans to go after ESPN to televise more CFL games!

Just to give you an example of channel flipping.
Right now I have the NFL on one channel and an NCAA game on another while I have MLB game on the PC. I will flip back and forth between the NFL and NCAA, MLB stays on.

I would not be surprised if the games draw a minimum 200k.
Meanwhile here in our country, the CFL smokes the NFL competition head to head every Sunday.
The league should continue with the DH every Sunday in the fall.

Especially next year when ESPN has no Sunday NFL and their NASCAR contract is over. CFL would fit right in!
Please excuse typos, spelling, etc Iā€™m doing this on my laptop while watching the TV and PC flat screen.

Well Indycar used to get 400k on ESPN.. I'm sure the Cfl can match that

The 1:00 pm Als/Ticats game is up against 10 NFL games, while the Banjo Bowl has a better chance to grab ratings, starting at 4:00, with 2 NFL games starting at 4:30.

I'd have thought a CFL game would draw at least 500k viewers on ESPN...after averaging 250k last year on ESPN2. with the opening game drawing 347,000 viewers. But going up against NFL Sunday the CFL will be lucky to draw half that many viewers. I guess ESPN knows what they're doing...assuming they do want to attract viewers to the CFL? :expressionless:

The CFL averaged about 200k last year in the U.S not 250k, there where some games in the 230k range.

Based on the methodology Nielson uses in the US their data has become a SWAG-Strictly a Wild A** Guess. Their input is provided by individuals that volunteer the info. They have admitted that their numbers are calculated rough estimates at best. There is no valid system to determine how many individuals are watching any particular show in the US.

This will be a tough weekend for the CFL on ESPN. I don't see it going well. Name the sport, it doesn't matter which team sport you name, they're all the same where fan interest is concerned. Opening day is always a huge draw. Everyone who is jonesing because they haven't had a fix since February gets 13 games to OD on. The 1PM game is a lost cause as it is up against the first 10 games. The 4PM game is only against 2 but it is still opening day.

Next week fans are more likely to check out a CFL game in the second half of it's schedule over an NFL game in week 2, but week 1 there isn't a fan, in any sport, that would skip that initial fix after the long off season. This weekends number will be horrible, but should improve dramatically next week.

They don't ... It is just filler. To be honest they would draw more viewers just running Sportscenter on a continuous updated loop, but that would cost more money then just running a CFL tape from TSN.

Any big name ncaa players that people down south might tune in for?

Could be a reason why they chose riders and bombers?

You should know better than to question the veracity of my posts.

In 2013, CFL games on ESPN2 averaged 240,200 viewers with the highest rating of 347,000 Here is the breakdown in case you're still not convinced:

June 23-30/2013: ESPN2 - CFL - Sat - 347,000
July 1-7/2013: ESPN2 - CFL - Thur - 220,000
July 8-15/2013: ESPN2 - CFL - Sat - 196,000
July 15-21/2013: ESPN2 - CFL - Sat - 165,000
July 22-29/2013: ESPN2 - CFL - Thur - 273,000

Average 2013: 240,200

What ever the reason , no better place to showcase the league , game sold out, nicest stadium in the league and it will have that big game feel that the Americans can relate too.

To be accurate Xvys - Bomber is closer to the real number for 'average in the US' which is the term he used. Including games on NBCSN the average was below 200,000. Your number of 'about 250,000' is right if talking about just the 5 games ESPN2 did last year. Some of the NBCSN games were less that 100,000 last year. (One of the reasons I suspect the CFL wanted a deal with ESPN networks this year - because for all sports programming ratings are higher on ESPN and ESPN2 than NBCSN.