Banjo Bowl to be broadcast on ESPN

This will be the first game broadcast on the main network for ESPN and it should be a good one. New stadium, awesome rivalry. Curiously, it will be going head-to-head with two NFL games and on opening weekend, no less. The ratings for this will be interesting to say the least.

Does anyone know the last time a cfl game was on ESPNs main network?

this is an awesome test for our league

Will ESPN have their own broadcast crew or will they tap into TSN,s broadcast?

I can't imagine why they wouldn't use the TSN crew.

I'm going to have to find a place to watch the game as nobody I know gets ESPN and no bars will show CFL games. I'll see if maybe Ricky's or the Englander will show, but both of those have refused in the past.

They missed it big time, should have shown the battle of Alberta it's going to be a way better game, sure the Banjo bowl sounds a little more interesting but it won't compare . :cowboy:

I would assume they would tap into the TSN broadcast the same way they do for games on ESPN2.

Boy it is going to be a tough draw for the CFL game on ESPN with the main NFL game they will be up against a VERY tough one - 49'ers at Cowboys at 4:25PM on Fox. That will be shown in 90% of the US with the Carolinas and Florida likely the only parts of the country that Fox shows the Panthers - Bucs game. Niners and Cowboys always draw huge numbers.

Both should be good games, however, consider the audience they're broadcasting to. Americans are typically more interested in the event than the game when it comes to sports and have the attention span of a cocker spaniel. Sure, the natural rivals meeting in the Labour Day Classic, with both on top of the league standings on a day when the NFL is not playing at the same time sounds good to reasonable people, but all Americans can think of is "where's the story?". Even in sports now there has to be a story or the game is obviously boring. Hence the interest in the Banjo Bowl.

The American entertainment and sports landscape would be a far more interesting place if the brain surgeons at the top would stop under estimating their audiences intelligence and ability to be entertained.

Why , based on what ? Edm or CGY could come out flat and the game could be a yawner. Atmosphere wise , Calgary won't come close. That's a fact. I have been to both. It's a entire wknd of festivities for the Banjo bowl and LDC. Fans from both cities make the 6 hour drive. I know for a fact no other teams fans and cities make it a wknd event like WPG and Regina. Huge social planned on the Sat night in Winnipeg, before Sundays game in Winnipeg. The Bars are full of green and Blue ,one or even two nights before the games.

Maybe ESPN is slightly sending a message to the NFL and American public overall that on the planet earth , there is other leagues that do exist , quality leagues.

Is NFL television sports package up for bid in 2015 ?

Nope...the agreements are all bran new..That's why NFl franchises all increased a couple hundred million in value this off season. Basically matter what ESPN puts on will get slaughtered... Miles we'll put on something that they don't pay for. Can't lose money if you don't spend money.

All games on ESPN or NBCSN are the TSN pay by play crew minus the half time panel.

I see ESPN has scheduled 3 televised games in Sept., all going head-to-head against NFL Sunday. While the ratings for CFL games kill the NFL on Sunday, in the U.S. that may be another matter. There were media reports that ESPN was forbidden from broadcasting CFL games on Sunday due to their exclusive TV contract with the NFL...which obviously was erroneous. A Friday or Sat. night CFL game would draw better ratings than on Sunday afternoon in the U.S.

There are two likely scenarios. ESPN wants the CFL ratings to be miniscule to perhaps lower the rights fee being paid to the CFL? (Commissioner Cohon said it was a "six-figure" deal with ESPN.) It could just be ESPN has no other programming available on Sunday afternoons, so what the heck, show a CFL game?

Once football season starts no time on the weekend is without competition. Friday night is high school football which in some parts of the US draws better than the Argos. Saturday is College ball, all day and evening and we all know how big NCAA ball is down there. I think Sunday is the best time for an ESPN broadcast. There is a high school game in every area on Friday, dozens of college games to choose from on premium packages but only 14 NFL games at most to compete with.

People will tune into high school/college balla alumni and stick with even the worst game, but even a hardcore fan will channel surf when his pro team is getting a beating.

I think this is more likely the case, similar to how networks dump stuff during SB broadcasts. NFL rules on Sunday, and no sports really stand a chance on those dates.

ESPN can televise CFL on Sunday since they do not have an NFL contract for any Sunday games. ESPN only has an NFL contract for Monday night games.
By showing the CFL on Network the games will be able to be seen not only in homes but also in all the Sports Bars in the US.
In these bars the CFL game will be shown along side NFL games. In most homes there is always channel flipping between NFL games on Sunday, this will add the CFL to that "flipping" concept. In some homes there are two TVs for Saturday NCAA and Sunday NFL, one for "your team" and one to flip channels. Also, there are times when the Sunday regional NFL game is blacked out results in more channel flipping.
If ESPN can develop a big enough fan base both at home and in the Bars it is possible that next year additional CFL games will be shown on ESPN Network channels. They could compete with Friday night high school games but competing with NCAA on Saturday will be hard.

From Dublin, Ireland

One other point, ESPN has lost the NASCAR contract for 2015, NBC was the winner, so ESPN is and will continue to be looking for programs to fill that void.

At least the CGY/EDM Labour Day game is going to be on ESPN3 this year. I remember last year when NBCSN "forgot" to show the CGY/EDM Labour Day game, and it was completely unavailable anywhere in the US. Whoops...

Yea, but ESPN3 is not available on TV. It's streaming on-line over the internet and not available in all markets in the US, just not the same as a real TV broadcast.

Hopefully we get some terrific ratings.