Banjo Bowl Sold Out

As of yesterday the Banjo bowl is sold out as are the games in Regina and Calgary for Labour day.
What’s with Hamilton ?? No excuse for the game not be sold out weeks in advance. Especially since they have a decent team this year.

It might have something to do with the fact this last week and this weekend is the first summer- like weather we've had in Sth. Ont.

Hamilton's will be sold out by labour day, that was confirmed officially a few days ago. over 28,000 of 29,600 seats sold currently and tons of people flooding to the tigertown store for merchandise/tickets.

...SOLD OUT......nice.....great rivalry....great football....Now if the weather co-operates.. :thup: :rockin: :thup:

WTF do you care if Hamilton is sold out or not...... oh BTW.. .FYI.. Hamilton.. sold out on the SAME day you posted this

THAT is what's with Hamilton!!

Why do people from Hamilton care about what Kelly has to say or what players we may or not bring in ?

As of 6 am this morning, the ticat argo game is NOT sold out. I went on ticket master and was able to get 2 seats together row 50 seats 28 29, if anybody wants to go.

I just checked....Row 50 seats 28 and 29 where the last 2. It`s officially a sell out :thup:

It hasn't been officially made a sell-out yet, but the Ticat's orginization has already confirmed that by Monday it will be sold out. What's it to you anyways? Why must you guy's always try to put the cat's down on your forum and not on ours, then flip out when we come on here to stop you? :roll:

Here, this is the link from sept. 2nd that said the Cat's at that point have sold over 27,500 of 29,600 tickets and expect a sell-out by Monday.

[url=] ... ID=1135865[/url]

Our highest game attendance this year hasn't even been up to 24,000 yet alone 29,600, so this sell out is going to be amazing. Gunna be deafening in IWS :rockin:

If they went to your board to put the Cats down, that'd be considered trolling.

I like what kasps said: If Winnipeg fans shouldn't care if the LDC in Hamilton is a sellout, then why should Hamilton fans care if Mike Kelly puts his foot in his mouth? It's a twoway street.

At any rate, congrats to both teams for selling out. Should provide some great game atmospheres! :smiley:

There you go, the cats game wasn't only sold out, but over sold with the capacity being 29,500 and 30,400 or more at the game.

Why would you buy tickets to a game in Hamilton than try to give them away ?? Don't you have better things to do with your time ??

Housedog, pay attention ! I never said I was buying tickets. Said I was able to get two together, after the game was reported sold out. It was nice to see 3 sold out stadiums and Winnipeg sold out this week. Housedog hope you got your tckets early !

Turns out, Hamilton had a larger crowd for the labor day game than the bombers did for the Banjo Bowl.

Because Ivor Wynne Stadium has a slightly larger seating capacity than CanadInns Stadium.

That, and Winnipeg is awful.

That's ridiculous. Both games were sold out. If CanadInns had more seats than Ivor Wynne then the Bombers would have had a larger crowd.

C'mon.let's be honest,Wpg soldout because a bunch of fans came from Sask,and the only reason Ham had a SO was b/c 10.000 ppl made the trip from TO! :lol: I never knew IWS could seat more then 30.000,I just assumed it was in the 20 range,cause they have had 3 games lower then Montreal's sellout's this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

There weren't as many Rider fans there as people seem to think because it's more difficult to make the trip because it isn't a long weekend.

That was your first sellout in 5 years, we get at least 3 a year. You had 19 500 against CGY. That's a joke, your team is actually not in last place for a change and look solid. You can't even get over 20 000. No excuse, Hamilton !