Banjo Bowl (Riders & Bombers) GDT

Bombers feeding off a noisy 32,000+ crowd (at least 4,500 Saskahoods in attendance) and getting off to an early 10-0 lead.

Downer has been a carry-off-the-field injury to #2 WR Kembrell Thompkins (neck or shoulder or both)

Collaros fed the bombers their TD by passing to a blitzing bomber DB for an easy pick 6.

Weston Dressler still unable to find a way to utilize his wheelchair so he was a gameday scratcherooskie. Also, Jerome Hardrick and B Foketi can’t go at RT so old/slow Paddy Neufeld goes to his spot and inexperienced Mike Couture draws in at LG.

Test for bombers will be to see how they adjust if holding a lead at the half . . .

Coach Jones can’t expect Mike O’Shea, Rich Hall & Plop to discombobulate every game, can he?

Just as i make my opening post - Matt Numb gives back a pick 6 by tossing a 2 yd pick to Willie 'the Wisp Jefferson, Nichols then embarrasses himself by trying a phoney-baloney tackle on Jefferson (obviously to avoid injury and keep drawing game cheques)

Matty Numb (Nichols) is on the watch-list as his passing still appears inferior - the pass he just threw into double coverage was a symptom of poor coaching, poor route-running and inferior accuracy. The perfect trifecta, huh?

Bomber fans (and Riders fans) which comprise 90% of today’s TV audience drew the short straw getting Rambunctious Rod Black on the stick for the middle game of the Saturday triple-header.

Rod, as usual providing inferior pbp coverage!

Thompkins taken to a local hospital - now a ref appears to be on concussion protocol after being clobbered by a rider player (player gets a 10 yd penalty, should have been taken out of game0

Stick the enema hose in N’oshea’s office

Wadzilla musta made the call to pull Nichols. No way does O’Shea pull an act of cowardice like that.

Suspect Miller told him he had 2 bus tickets out of town - if the move wasn’t made.

1 for Nichols, other for O’Shea.

Now, Bombers very average offense up against a superior Jones defense!

Bomber mediocre defense no match for Sask’s slightly better than mediocre offense!

……Nichols is finished…O’Shea right behind him…followed by rinky dink Hall and his game of inferiority…Not that happy with Lapo …Knives out and torches getting lit…What a deplorable bunch of bull$hit……………………………………29 yrs in the backwoods…Clean House.

Wow, I’m stunned, I would have bet my left nut that they wouldn’t lose this game. Can’t wait to see what if any response comes down. Lapo should be relieved of his play calling duties though. Only the Bombers would hire the same guy 3 times and expect different results.

I can live with this loss because it wasn’t a stagnant loss. We didn’t stay with the same players and keep losing like we are prone to. We changed QBs. We played Petermann and others on O AND we changed up on D too. We even had Flanders return a few. We almost won this game because we weren’t stagnant !!!
I know some changes were due to injury.

NOW, who is calling plays ? The coaching on both O and D is suspect. I just don’t get it. It’s almost like they want to fail.

I see this game as two mediocre teams playing each other but one (Sask) has a pretty decent D. Their D was the difference. Our D was OK but their D was better… Both O’s are mediocre. We at least have Streveler to fall back on.

It was a strange one. Willard Reaves’ son should not be allowed to play for Sask, ESPECIALLY ! ;D

Very entertaining if you like sloppy play.

Lyle, I did not see your post when I wrote mine, believe it not. The word mediocre was the perfect adjective and it seems we both found that…

Rod black sounds like it is the first football game he has ever seen. I cannot listen to him.

………The Bombers are so far behind the top tier in the west AFTER 5 BLOODY YEARS that there is no more excuses…The rest of the year will be playing Streveler in a learning capacity and hope for the best…Nichols is done…Fans will not buy his inferior play…After everything is accounted for at the end of the year there will be a house cleaning and another regime will have to be installed…book it

Dan - you just noticed Black didn't know if he was foot or horseback???lol

Maybe you were just too focused on going counter-culture to ol Nasty Nate, huh?

Its def. a mediocre defense. No heft, no elephants with power, just slovenly hobos who allow too much slack on running plays, linebackers who aren't as great as we think (Ian Wild is pretty much done, Knox doesn't possess great speed either, only Bighill is above average, but he's surrounded by meeks). DBs are mediocre from the get-go - and made to look worse by the bad Richie Hall systems!

Sask'n (only under Zacalero) is a mediocre offense that didn't score an offensive TD today (6 FGs and the 2 Hanukah gifts Nichols awarded them)

I'm not only advocating the benching of Nichols - I'd like to see him released - or if possible traded. Maybe Sask'n could use an experienced hand? if Collaros is concussed? Trade Matt to Sask'n for a good DL or DB import

Other trade - give Nichols back to Edmonton so he can celebrate old times with his old hat buddy Reilly. Give us Kevin Glenn in return - big cap hit saving - Nichols is in the $450k range - Glenn prolly working the bench for under $140k

I have always disliked Black even before he did the CFL ! I did not just notice his incompetence and I have never defended him.

I think we need to give Nichols a chance to regain his form. I think we owe him that. Tipped interceptions are not the fault of the QB. His play has been too desperate lately though.

I have never been a fan of Collaros even when he played for Toronto. just a thought.

What a freakin bizaare game. Hard to even remember we had a 17-7 lead at one point. For the third straight game the opposition used Bomber turnovers to put up TD s and take over the game.

Nichols kept trying to force things and not making the smart play. Both QBs had a TD drive, but stats were nearly identical with the exception of an extra pick for Nichols, not to mention the ones he got a reprieve on due to penalty. Neither QB really established himself. The bye week makes things worse now giving more time for speculation. Looking down the road at what’s coming to close out the season neither is really giving me hope. If it was me, I probably start Streveler just because this is affecting Nichol’s mentally. Unless with the bye week they get him a sports psychologist. The losing and the mistakes are wearing on him noticeably.

Andrew Harris gets one touch at the start of each of the third and fourth quarters and then nothing? No rush, no pass attempt, nothing? Without Thompkins and even with Washington getting dinged up? I know the Riders did a much better job stifling him in the run game, but C’MON!

Other problems with Lapo in addition to losing Harris in the second half - why do you dress Flanders if you’re not going to use him? Also, what the heck is he calling in the last 2 1/2 minutes of the game? As an example, right after the Riders FG to put them up 29-27, he runs a three receiver bunch formation to the right, receiver 1 stops at about 5 yards, receiver 2 cuts his route at 8-9 yards deep and receiver 3 is at 10-11 yards? So you run a play where you stop all your receivers in about a 5 yards radius of each other?! Talk about making it easy for the Rider D. How do we go 2 and out then two and a pick like that when we’re not even trying to force the ball downfield? Just mindboggling.

Can someone send a BOLO out for Okpalaugo? He’s been invisible on the field these last few weeks until he took that penalty for roughing the passer in the 4th Q.

On the plus side, as bad as our receivers have been as a group, Wolitarsky has been a bright spot. Peterman too looks like a gem and it clearly looks like he’s surpassed Simonise at this juncture. Overall, I thought our D had a pretty decent game, Riders just got over 200 yards passing and had a few knockdowns. Just couldn’t contain Tre Mason when it counted.

Yes, the Riders ran the ball when it was needed and we threw the ball when running was needed. We still could have won by one point with a FG at the end of a long possession. Instead we throw. Then we have to punt it away. I watched Mason doing what we should have been doing… If they were keying on Harris, and it seemed they were, we still had 3 guys who could have run the ball. We threw instead…I think this is where our HC should have said " No, Lapo, we are running!"

Another thing I have noticed or maybe not noticed. On most teams when a player gets a stupid penalty, he gets to sit and think about it. I have never noticed MOS doing this. Maybe I’m wrong but I have never seen him bench a player for a few plays to cool down…No wonder players want to play for him. A spoiled child never runs to the one who will discipline him.

The biggest difference (other than Nichols turning into goo) during this affair was the difference between D-lines.

Sask’s d-line was effective stuffing Harris for paltry yds plus they were able to put a fierce rush on both Nichols & Streveler - and if that wasn’t enough they were agile enough to blight our little hitch passing side-to-side game.

The bomber d-line couldn’t stop a leaky toilet - Tre Mason used them as hot stones to walk over and they were gassed to the hilt by the end the 3rd quarter. barely able to line up at the scrimmage point, but barely anything else!

Our o-line was completely battered and staffed with out of position nationals. That should never happen, when you can’t even roster an international tackle, you got big problems. Max protection would have been nice, or two backs, a full back, anything to help out the right tackle. It’s not like the Riders offence was a threat to do anything. This is poor coaching plain and simple and enough is enough, time for the media to call them out on this.


Also, if you wait till you need your back ups and don't give them any playing time/experience when possible, how can you honestly expect them to win a game for you ?

True, but we had two Import tackles but with both injured we had to do the shuffle. You can only carry so many import Oline with such a limited active and practice roster. Hopefully Hardrick is back after the bye week. The Bombers have really missed his presence on the field.

But you hit the nail on the head. The coaching was ineffective. The gameplan should have incorporated more quick hitters or having the backs throw chip blocks and release for a pass to try throw off the rush, especially after Harris was getting stuffed early. Furthermore, especially after after Thompkins went down, they could have used more two back sets with Flanders dressed, and been very creative with the way they lined up both Harris and Flanders. It seems like Lapo's approach this year is 1. try get Harris going early and if not 2. try move use the mid to deep route to try open things up.Whatever happened to that up tempo gameplan they used to use in the last couple of years? As I recall, and maybe my memory if faulty, but it seemed like they would use some up tempo packages during the game to get Nichols into a rhythm if things were stalling and they had reasonable success with that. Doesn't seem to be in the gameplan this year at all.

Major problems with bomber offense in 2018 as last few posters have noted:

  1. Plop is both over reliant on Harris - and suddenly goes under-reliant by assuming opponent has made required changes to snuff him out

  2. Nichols has a bad case of “the willies” in '18 - - - a nervous, happy-footed gunslinger who waits for receivers to blow wide open before releasing football - instead of throwing to spots and hoping receiver can “fight” for the ball. This is a sad combination of mediocre quarter-backing and poor coaching.

  3. Failure to attend to emergency circumstance. With both Hardick and Foketi down, no attempt to bring up an american jumbo (even an older american hobo) to shore up the obvious free spot on the bingo card - inserting Neufeld was a joke. Everyone saw how totally inadequate this guy was in his first go round on the outside. So why not fail again? ALso, Neufeld was doing quite well (mediocre to slightly above mediocre) at left guard. When he goes back his confidence will be shot - or he’ll return to his normal back of tricks on injury patrol.

  4. Failure to incorporate a solid 2-back set w/ Flanders and Harris - especially with the decline of Nichols and not having a legit medium to deep threat other than D Adams. Thats not even good coaching - its basic (mediocre) coaching!

In regards to this point, I think they probably did not bring in another import Olineman because Hardrick will be ready sooner rather than later. Judging by the way he was jumping around on the sidelines during the Banjo Bowl game, I expect he’ll probably be back in the lineup next game after this bye week.

Also not every import Olineman can come up and play successfully on a short week with only a couple of practices, so I’m not surprised they didn’t bring one in to start at left tackle. But with Foketi going on the 6 game, if he is out long term, I’m not sure why they didn’t bring one in for the PR to replace Foketi as the backup tackle. Maybe Foketi won’t be on the 6 game the entire time, seems they keep taking guys off it early - Dressler, for instance.

With the team off this week, I don’t expect to hear much of anything regarding roster moves, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing something come Sunday or Monday in terms of roster addition or two.