Banjo Bowl post mortem

I think this game was a pretty clear picture of where this team is failing.

  1. While other teams are stocking up on NFL cuts, what are we doing?
  2. Dorsey - chalk it up to a bad game but he's been at best, average, all season. Today he was a liability.
  3. Offensive play selection - Durant was running for his life on a four man rush all day. Just like last week. No screen pass, no draw plays, no play action, no time to drop back and throw. I thought he should have come out at the start of the fourth as he was talking a beating. All we needed to seal our fate for the season is to lose Durant to injury. He still doesn't seem himself and it may be the new offensive package Berry is putting in? Who knows?
    On the positive side, we have a decent secondary, talented receiving core and a decent quarterback. After that, we've got mediocrity.

Looking ahead, we'll be 6-5 next week at this time as the Stamps will surely mop up the field with this uninspired group. We then go to Hamilton and Toronto and can't win on the road. Hello 6-7?? The Sask at BC, Oct 31 match up might be for a playoff spot.
Who'da thunk?

I think you are on crack, the Riders are in a slump right now. They need to shake things up, and I agree if they play the way they have been playing, they will lose to Calgary next week. But I still believe they will win 5 more games this year, 4 at the very least. Why do people start to fear the worst after a little slump?