Banjo Bowl GT (Sask at Wpg), Sat. Sept. 12, 6:30 pm et, TSN

Roughriders vs. Blue Bombers
Today at 6:30PM ET / 3:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4

The annual rematch after Labour Day pits the two bitter rivals in Winnipeg. The Blue Bombers will start Matt Nichols at QB for the first time since acquiring him from Edmonton.This will be a real test at home to show how much fight they have to stop the free fall. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


[url=] ... l-1.359093[/url] << More on tonight's game from :)

Slim 6-0 lead for the Greenies after McCallum :roll: missed the convert!

Bombers baking up a few turnovers in this one - lots of tough defense

It's 7-0 Riders, early second quarter.

7-3 RIders after a Peg FG, 2:33 left, second quarter. Bombers have had four turnovers and are still very much in this.

Bombers cooking up a few turnovers here which is never a good recipe for winning but they may have just got one back after Hurl puts a hit on a former team mate!

Nope - ruled an incomplete pas so no fumble recovery. Tight defensive battle though. No one is running away with it.

7-3 Riders after the first half...what a poor game! Ugh!

Well the Bombers are at least moving the ball here in the 3rd but looks like they are going to be stopped a bit short after taking a "sumb penalty forcing 2nd and long. Hajrulluha (?) good on his FG attempt to make it a 1 point game.

Glen Suitor talking about "Backside penetration" describes this game perfectly! :lol:

14-7 Bombers after three quarters...even after five first-half turnovers!


Khalil Bass with a huge INT return for a TD for's 21-7 Bombers, 8:57 left.

I really liked Owen, but Juan is growing on me. I hope he sticks around. :wink:

Their D definitely kept them in the game until the offense got rolling - not totally surprising with a new QB. Of course the D helped out with a score too! Nichols has done a good job - good for him! :thup:

Here I am with TSN 4
Cant watch the game
Don't know the score


22-7 Bombers beat the Riders.

Thanks, Russ: your threads are at least stable, and dont move to other boards, unlike TSN. :rockin:

Guess it's a good thing that I picked the blue and gold this week instead of the green! :smiley: Nice win for Nichols and the team.

Can you watch online ?- too late for the Banjo Bowl but could allow you to watch the EE/Calgary game if you wanted to.

Thanks, Tabbie, but I cant: my provider (Cogeco )is not on the TSN streaming partner list.