Banjo Bowl - Good, Bad, Ugly

The Good.
Riders won.
Willy got meaningful snaps and ate the ball instead of throwing it up on a prayer.
Willy's got an ARM and he's a keeper.
I'm going to give special teams a nod here even though they let one by them but that was a solid performance overall.

The Bad.
Getzlaf wasn't in the game, mentally.
We didn't exploit our ground game enough. Sanders is explosive and you got the feeling Sheets wanted the opportunity to out do him.
Willy needs experience but there's nothing but upside here.

The Ugly.
Durant's injury. This stinks like the day Bo Jackson blew his hip and we basically never seen him again. However, we should remain optimistic.
Again - the Riders are given opportunity after opportunity to hammer the last nail in the coffin and they can't do it.
Against Edmonton, Calgary and now Winnipeg....good teams make you PAY for your mistakes...we're just not close to doing that.
A couple of Bomber fans TSN zoomed in on....

Overall I was impressed with the Riders today. Its never easy to win back to back games in a home and home. Today was exactly the game I was expecting. Good on Drew Willy for delivering a last minute drive for the win.

we finally have a quarterback with brains and who can throw accurately as well, WTG Willy ,our receivers will only get better

Well, the ground game didn't work because the Bombers played rather well against it, even though they gave up 150+ on the ground. They were smothering on the run in the second half, and their secondary deserves a tip of the hat...they played a great game.

The Riders D...2nd good game in a row. They held the Bombers out of the endzone, even when they were in deep.

Willy had a pretty good game overall. Great to see some promising youth in the backup spot. They were trying to provide tight coverage down field and force a bad throw or a coverage sack, and did fairly well by it. Walking off the field it was something that he already recognized and spoke about, which to me was more impressive than anything I saw from him even in the player!

Foster looked really good again. Man, he has some great potential. He is just one of those guys who knows how to find an open spot. The clutch catch...Foster...wide open.

Gezt...well, there is another thread on that so I won't say too much. He played a good game if he could trim the penalties. But at least he was holding everything...sorry...that shoestring catch was, IMO, not a would have been an impressive catch.

I was impressed to see that Willy was hesitant to make a big mistake when they were up. He recognized that the Rider D was playing pretty well, so why chance it. BUT, when the game was on the line he stepped up huge and made the plays he needed to. The Bombers played a pretty good game, the Riders simply outmatched them. Yeah, the Bombers took some stupid penalties that hurt them, but I don't believe the Riders scored off them. The Riders also took their share of dumb penalties (called back TD, roughing the passer x2), so that ended pretty level.

Also, as mention by someone else...kudos to ST. Yeah, they let one come back, but also blocked a FG...2nd block in 2 weeks.

The good was Drew Willy. He continues to impress like he did in Pre-season. Like I've said he maybe the next Lulay. Sanders and Sheets, great one two punch we haven't had for well I don't know when.

The bad is an injured Dressler which I hope is not serious or costs him any games. DD with the pointer it's a tough injury. I've had one now 10 yrs and still gives me issues and it wasn't all that serious to begin with. As someone else posted if its a Bo Jackson level, we may not get DD back.

The ugly well is Getz and his play this year. He is now a vetran not a rookie. Time to play like one. Though he kicked the winning points there have been alot of misses for the most accurate kicker of all time. I hope it's just rust at this point in time. Someone needs to talk to Huclack on his ST tackling, he had a chance to stop the run back and gave up instead of laying out his body for the tackle.

Good: Yeah we won - but for a questionable coaching decision we probably lose. We'll take them good or bad.
Our D was fantastic - the secondary was really tight in the coverage and making awesome plays - they held the bombers to field goals when TD's looked imminent. Game ball to the D in this game. Yes I agree DW played well enough not to lose the game but comparing him to Lulay - come on - I know they both have red hair but give me a break.

Bad: QB protection - way too much pressure on both Rider QB's - keep this up and JT will be getting his chance too. 2nd week in a row DD out with injury.

Ugly: The game overall - neither team really showed that they should be any higher in the standings than they are right now.

Mick Williams. He is growing on me.
Willy - what do you expect for a kid with less than 45 minutes of live CFL action. He won a game!
DeAngelis - missed from 40 going into the wind. He had to make the same kick again and corrected everything.

Bad -
Long snap. First one this season. Should be the last
ST - long return for TD
Special teams didn;t have a good day despite what a few other posters have said. This needs correcting or they can't expect to win.
O-line - run block was marginal. Pass protection was okay. I'll allow some credit to the Bombers because they were playing an aggressive front 7 game and were trying to get pressure.

Not happy with Odell and Hawk. I saw Hawk get pushed around and then to the ground all day long. Very little edge push and pressure. The pressure came from blitzers!!!!!!!!
Getz - Yikes. But all those errors are mental and can be corrected. If we would have lost he'd be dart board material today.

We where lucky to win this one!! Hats off to Willy played well for a young QB, we better hang on to him for the future. Made some great plays made some rookie mistakes, but he did not crack under pressure so good on him.

ST did ok, not great but ok, really miss TJ on returns.
OL sucked for the most part, QB's need more time to throw, at least Willy took the sacks than to throw it away and maybe end up with INT. The backs played well hope Weston and DD can play next week.

Def played well but need to put more pressure on the QB. Would be nice to see a few int as well.

We got lucky need to play better next week, as AC will eat us up if we let him!!

He's probably played better than Lulay did in his first 2 games. I agree it's maybe not the best comparison, but we all seem to forget that Lulay struggled mightily in his first meaningful action.

There was an interesting progression to this game. It could have started out HUGE for the Riders off of the terrible Winnipeg turnover but we didn't capitalize.. I felt we lost momentum do to that and Winnipeg gained it. We were starting to get some back and then it kind of ebbed when Durant was playing injured. Then he left and Willy came in and the flow started again, he had confidence and it was building.. and then he threw a brutal pick that should never have been thrown, but he gets off because he is a rookie! However he lost his confidence after that.. He was scared to throw the ball and we ebbed once again.
He never really did pick it up again after that until the final drive where there was a massive blown coverage by Winnipeg and Willy saw it and owned them.
Its nice to have a trustworthy kicker again Ill say that!

All in all it was a weird game with a weird flow to it.. Its nice to get the win but man that was terrifying to watch after last weeks nice relaxing game haha.

I did say the "next Lulay". He is a Rookie and has to develop like Lulay had to. I see DW style of play very similar to Lulay.