Banjo Bowl Game

Just tuned into this game halfway through the 3rd quarter. Wow!
Looks like the Riders want to give this one away with all the penalties...

The only offensive play the bombers have is QB sneak by Goltz...

Riders better wake up!

Another turnover... C'mon boys! Lets turn this ship around!

This is an absolutely brutal offensive show. Cortez is calling a horrible offense! They are blitzing hard every play and he continues to call deep routes.. 5 yard passes... thats all you need to do! But no they keep calling 10+ yard routes..

yup...did they pass over the middle while the LBs were blitzing? Cortez took the night off for sure.

The Riders had the opportunity to put this away early and failed. They kept rolling sheets out when he needed to stay back as a blocker, and they should have went with a double end formation a few times to throw the Bombers rhythm off.

The Bomber D was relentless and played an amazing game. DD should have been sat early in the second for a drive, as he needed to see that if he turned to his blind side he had a guy open all the time.

They are going to be shaking their heads at this footage for a few days. First time this season that the Riders really failed to adjust at all. Very poor showing, D aside, which played very well overall.

I vote that the first post made by the "Guru" after this game in a negative context gets him an instant ban

First off, hats off to Bombers D, they played a great game!! Next hats off to Our D they played almost as good of a game.
Milo did his part very well.

Now for the rest, just plain terrible, Our O line let way to many sacks, the O played bad, and DD play was sub par, that is when he wasn't laying on his back. yes he spent most the game under pressure, but when he had the time, his throws where way off, along with O players not in the open. As for Drew 2 attemps at the 1 yard line and end with field goal, was the start of the down fall. Bad penalties, and a kick returned for a TD. This game was as just flat as it gets. The Riders are way better than this, but with that said, I feel a little less confident as the season continues. Yes other teams are improving but should we not be improving also!!? : :?

Their game is not getting better as the season moves on for sure...their first half woes continue and teams are catching up. DD played alright for the pressure. They made zero adjustments, and that is not on him. When they passed short they had success, they never ran a slant or cross all night with blitzing LBs, the odd time they left sheets back to block he picked up the wrong guy

Got to totally agree with Depopulation.

:thup: :thup: Horrendous play calling today. These were the games I thought they had a chance to avoid losing this year with Cortez calling the game, but still "same old, same old". It looked so much like the Bellefuille era out there today that I'm not sure the coaches mics weren't reversed.

Very very bad day, but this team still feels better than in years past. I'm still confident in this team to bounce back next week.

It's been a long while since it's been so frustrating watching the Rider's play.

Most issues have been mentioned. I've got one more to add. It should be a common sense rule that when we're in field goal range, we do whatever to prevent losing yards on a play. This "rule" was broken twice in the Banjo Bowl game. Durant, in attempting pass plays, was sacked in the back field. Fortunately, the first time, Milo made his longest field goal of the year, a 50 yarder. The second time, we punted from the 45.

The positive I come up with is our biggest problem from yesterday is fixable. Blocking assignments.

I believe it was Neufeld that was being man handled at Right Guard all game, funny we didn't make any adjustments? Obviously he's young and the big story last year was giving him time to develop at right tackle so he can gain experience but that was when we were 5-5, were 8-2 and in the midst of a battle for First in the League let alone the west! Changes need to be made it's very obvious Neufeld isn't in football shape yet.

I was thinking the same thing. He is a tackle...I wonder if we will see him back there next week.

The biggest problem was play calling. When a D brings LBs every play, you need to do 3 step drops at best. That means shallow flats, slants, crosses, screens, rollouts, hitches, and for the love of god...get a QB option play in the playbook. The last thing you want to do is 5 step drops, which means no throw should be beyond 12 yards until the D backs off. You are not going to slow down that pass rush unless you block with a RB and a FB or SB or something...1 extra guy is not going to cut it. Move to an I formation, move to a double TE, bring a SB in motion to block every down, or make fast passes...don't live some pipe dream where you are magically going to block them...take what they give.

Great points!

I just came on here to moan and grumble, but looks like Depop got it right from my perspective also. Problems picking up the blitz? the little Dumpy game works great! They will start to ease off the blitz, and then you can stretch them deep and wide. And NOW you can play your bread and butter.

I don't see how one could not pick up the blitz...if you were snapping they were blitzing. Sheets had a lot of issues picking up the right LB though. In all honesty, instead of trying to plug the gap, he would have been better off just staying 3 yards back and waiting, taking the blind side if they brought 2. Less than ideal, but better than what they did.

Still not ready to push the panic button.

I think injuries on the O-line hurt us big time - and some coming off of the 9 game, not in 'game speed' mode yet.

I wonder if they chose to keep the calls for the Offense pretty vanilla and didn't want to show our whole hand yet.

Lots to learn from this loss.
A loss to the Bombers does not hurt us as bad as a loss to a west team.
Being tied for 1st place in the west after Labour Day is a lot better than last year.

Go Riders Go

You know when we were getting blitzed so hard it would have been nice to see them bring Neal Hughes or Scott McHenry into the backfield as blockers.. For most of the game it looked as if we just had Sheets back there, and as much as I love Sheets he is not an overly effective blocking back. Neal Hughes and McHenry both excel at blocking IMO so I don't get why we didn't have a FB in there at all times to help Durant out. Not only would they benefit Durant in blocking but they can leak out into the flats and are often the forgotten man!

Other things, I can remember last year when we played Hamilton in Mozaik and they had that huge comeback against us. They continually used the 5 yard crossing route to Chris Williams to own us, we could not stop it for the life of us. Why are we not doing this to Dressler ever?? Especially when the Blitz is on so hard.. Quick crossing route over the middle to Dressler should be a guaranteed 5 yards every time. Cortez used this to beat us, but won't use it for us to win??

Secondly, running the ball.. No I-formation, no pitches, no options, no stretches?? WTF!!! We have a QB with great legs and the best back in the league. Durant played college ball in UNC so I am pretty sure he is versed in the read option offense! Why aren't we running this? Pitches would be nice to see as getting Sheets in any kind of open space is always a good idea. I know they are a little bit risky, but no more so than a pass. Why do we not run the I-formation ever? Lead blockers are a wonderful asset to a RB.

I started the season appreciating Cortez's offense, I am not becoming very skeptical of his ability. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and last game we just did the same thing over and over.

They got out played.

You cannot question play calling when you are out played. They got out played. The bombers wanted it, we didn;t. Cortez this and that..........we got outplayed, outcoached, we didn't play.

Do we have a problem reading a blitz? looks like it. Depop is bang on with the hot patterns all short and quick to make a defense respect a few things. But W'peg had it all going on. Huge pressure and tight man coverage.

Winnipeg took us right away from game plan. They are first team to shut down Sheets.

Patty Neufeld.........back to tackle I think. Mainly because Heenan is so good he'll adjust quickly back at guard. Heenan is so good he can make this move. Plus Neufeld's 1st game of year so I will cut him a little slack. They have another tough D line coming in and I think that is good. They need to regroup and re-establish the trench and getting the run game back.

We just got out worked. All players did something wrong. Our cover team just had a major botch with that kick return. No excuses, but he had several personell changes with a few short term injuries.

Williams, I hope Rey is okay.

It was ugly ugly. Get it out of the way right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!