Banjo Bowl Game Thread (Sept. 12, 1:00 pm ET, TSN)

Roughriders at Blue Bombers
Today at 1pm et/10am pt
Available on TSN HD's game preview is at .

Let's see if LaPolice State can actually put it together at home. I expect Durant and co. to get things on track and sweep the series.

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

We'll see what the Bombers do on offense

Reid with a big hole

7-0 Spies...Patrick's INT was wiped out by an illegal contact penalty -- Winnipeg capitalizes.

Bomber football again

Horrendous gaffe on special teams by Saskatchewan -- Wpg. ball

Roughrider player lost sight of the ball in the sun glare

10-0 Winnipeg over the Palardy FG

First down scamper by Durant

Sask. on the move at the Bomber 35 yd. line

3rd down gamble, no can do Bomber football

10-0 Spies after one quarter.

17-0 LaPolice State as Reid races for a big TD!

Riders are asleep at the switch!

17-1 now

Wow. Did not see 17-0 Bummers coming. Don't hurry back Buck.

Dominique Dorsey is in deep -- not fielding kicks well at all!

Durant with an armpunt…

17-1 Winnipeg, three-minute warning given.

24-1 now -- the game is ugly!

:06 left in the half

Damn, why are the Gangrene trying to replicate the Ticats of yesterday??? :?

oooooo I can hear a revolution kicking off in Regina right now......