Banjo Bowl Game Thread (SAS-WPG), Sun Sept 7, 4 pm et

Sun September 7
Saskatchewan at Winnipeg

The annual Banjo Bowl heats up after a great Labour Day tilt won by Saskatchewan late in a thrilling finish. The Allen-Messam sledgehammer broke down Winnipeg's run defence late. I expect a steady dose of it again unless Peg can neutralize it. Winston Dressler should factor into the Saskatchewan attack more as well than last game. For Winnipeg, Clarence Denmark has to be a bigger contributor to their attack. Nic Grigsby also has to have a huge game to offset the Riders' dominance of time of possession.

I think Saskatchewan will pull this out, but the margin between these clubs is razor-thin whenever there is a lot on the line. This Banjo Bowl, it really is a pivotal game.

Oski Wee Wee,


Winnipeg has taken an early 7-1 lead in the Banjo Bowl.

Seems everyone is venting about the Ticats game and not watching or not paying much attention to this one. Riders with a pretty commanding lead at the half 28-9 but now late in the third the BB have narrowed the gap - score is 30-16 Riders. DD went down a few minutes ago with what is now being called an elbow injury - may or may not be serious - looked like he was in enough pain when he went off the field. Not sure if Bartel is playing or not. He was injured in the last game and couldn’t tell who just punted for the green.

Riders win... this a good thing since I hate the Bummers...

Losing Durant will ultimately be their downfall.. they are eff'd without him!